Startup Employees Face An Uncertain Future As Lockdown Continues In Some African Countries.

Startup Employees Face An Uncertain Future As Lockdown Continues In Some African Countries.

The coronavirus, which made the world unstable, has left employees with an uncertain future. After some countries got partially lockdown, many employees are home without work. Some countries such as Nigeria, Ghana among other African countries were partially locked down and are yet to be opened due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Many organizations, as a result, have to let their workers go home so they won’t go against the president’s directives in the various countries. Organizations are now putting measures in place to see how possible they can operate with laid-off workers at their disposal.

Now, most organizations are finding ways to operate through the internet to reach their customers. In the case of startups, they welcome the situation by adapting, while some have introduced measures that will keep them going. They believed using methods such as remote work options will keep their business going and performing without their employees.

Some startups also asked their employees to take salary cut-ups as a way to help them curbed the difficulties that they might face due to financial difficulties while other employees are been kept on unpaid leave. At some companies, staff whose services are not needed during the lockdown are placed on unpaid leave while those while employees whose services are still needed got a revised pay.

Most companies that will conveniently adopt the internet way of working without their employees are likely not to call back workers as a way of curbing their financial loss. The task before these companies when the lockdown is lifted is to pay their returning employees and increase the company’s profit.

The question most people fail to answer is for those who will not be returning to work, what happens to them? Jobless, or reduction in salary.

The future of the employees is not certain because the lockdown is likely to force most companies to adapt to measures that will keep their business running with less manpower. If this becomes successful without the employees or the employees on unpaid holiday, the companies are likely not to call back.

Most smart founders will turn to automation as a strategy for quick recovery and reduction of their overhead costs.