Stllr Network X Monsha'at To launch First Egyptian-Saudi Content Creation Program

Stllr Network X Monsha'at To launch First Egyptian-Saudi Content Creation Program

An Egyptian digital marketing startup, Stllr Network, has partnered with Monsha’at a Saudi Arabia entrepreneurship development and funding centre, and Falak Investment Hub, to develop the first Egyptian Saudi content creation platform across the MENA region.

The purpose of the program is to maximize various digital solutions and mediums which should assist the participants to create, instant, engaging and compelling Arabic content.

The content creation programs are being sponsored by the main partners and other organizations which include, The Greek Campus, Waya Media, Startups Galaxy, Enterprise Press and Console.

Focused on providing young professionals with adequate information, concepts, and knowledge, the program with increase the use of technology among youths, and increase media language which is already in use across multiple media channels. This initiative is meant to unify the participants of the event, establishing a five-day program where they will be impacted with the knowledge of creating viral content via their smartphone only.

While speaking about the initiative, Stllr Network’s Co-founder and CEO Nouran Ghannam noted that “Having two countries collaborate to create content is digital history. The participants were fully immersed with distinguished instructors from Stllr. The challenge was recording the best video in Arabic. I am confident this will connect creators across the Middle East,”

Individuals involved in the training of the participant,s giving them knowledge-based and hands-on projects include Ahmed Hayman, Ashraf Sheta, Farah El Kordy, Jeida El Kersh, and Sarah AlKahery.

Each of the main partners, being actively involved in the program, gave the participants access to their organization, making them acquainted with how they run their innovations thereby stirring up the innovation passion in the participants.