Talabat expands outsourcing services in Egypt to improve service delivery

Talabat expands outsourcing services in Egypt to improve service delivery

Talabat, one of the leading food and grocery delivery apps in Egypt and the Middle East, has announced the expansion of its outsourcing services in Egypt with a regional customer service centre located in Cairo.

This expansion is coming after the company’s one-year anniversary since its rebranding. This will allow Talabat to enhance its cutting-edge services to its seven current markets, which include Egypt, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

“Egypt was our first choice to establish Talabat’s regional service centre given its large pool of young talents with mastery of different languages and eagerness to build their capacities as we train our employees on the latest and best technologies.” Hadeer Shalaby, Managing Director of Talabat Egypt said. “Additionally, the presence of a solid infrastructure allows Egypt to manage the largest workload possible, as being positioned in the middle of the world offers a decent time lag that gives good access to most global communications lines.”

The expansion of its outsourcing services comes in light of Talabat’s role as one of the driving technology companies that support the Egypt 2030 Vision and Digital Egypt plan. Talabat also aims to provide a direct and permanent channel of communication between them and all customers through various mediums.

Hadeer Shalaby

The centre controls all operations related to our business’ ecosystem which is constituted primarily by employees, customers and partners. The centre’s role begins with restaurants by creating their tailor-made and data-driven menus, onboarding them onto our application, raising their awareness of our provided services and handling their requests and complaints. On the customers front, we support dealing with all inquiries and requests through multiple channels that include chat rooms, e-mail, and phone calls; to provide a unique ordering experience characterized by professionalism and ease,” said Usama Nabil, Senior Director Operations SSC.

Shalaby explained that a hybrid model is being implemented for the regional service centre that allows customer operations management at the headquarters and outsourcing. Employees are coached to manage customer inquiries, emails as well as all the services provided by Talabat.

This is rolled out in a way that keeps pace with the Egyptian government’s efforts in enhancing the capacity building of young cadres within the field of communication and information technology. Currently, Talabat has 2,000 employees in the centre and sees that number to reach 3,000 during peak seasons such as the month of Ramadan.

“Delivering a seamless ordering experience is the ultimate objective for Talabat Egypt. We are working towards that goal daily on all fronts, one of which is through employing top-notch talent that can bring both customers and partners a smooth experience,” Shalaby added. Furthermore, Talabat has a solid team of experts specialized in training Human Resources who are always on the lookout for the latest developments in technology and work variables to ensure that the training curricula is always up to date. All new employees are extensively trained for two weeks, followed by another two weeks of cohabitation in the work environment.