TCERA is Changing the face of Emergency Healthcare in Nigeria

TCERA is Changing the face of Emergency Healthcare in Nigeria

Healthcare encompasses not only medical doctors and hospitals, but also dentistry, psychology, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more. People rely upon an efficient healthcare system to help us maintain personal health through the treatment (or prevention) of illness, injury, disease, and other physical or mental impairments. But owing to the poor quality of the healthcare system in Nigeria, the sector has been critically undermined and underfunded, bringing little benefits to Nigerians.

The global healthcare index ranked Nigeria’s healthcare as one of the five worst in the world. The healthcare industry has been one of the most underfunded industries in Nigeria- a situation that has contributed to the migration of local doctors abroad in search of better working conditions.

As Nigeria’s traditional healthcare sector struggles to cater to the health needs of nearly 200 million Nigerians, Healthtech is rising in the scene, creating innovative solutions to combat challenges in Nigeria’s health sector.

Identifying a top-notch Healthtech startup is fairly easy. They appear to have preventative care measures, accessible, affordable, timely, and operate with swift administrative efficiency. All these are what users can benefit from Nigeria’s Healthtech platform TCERA.

TCERA is an arm of Trauma Care International Foundation– an award-winning registered non-governmental organization focused on improving trauma care and emergency response services through advocacy, health education, and community-based projects.

TCERA aims to minimize the time delay between the occurrence of an emergency and the institution of basic first aid and pre-hospital care.

The TCERA App connects victims of emergencies with TCIF First Responders for prompt assistance. TCERA’s user-friendly interface is designed to specifically initiate an SOS request to alert a near responder to the scene of the emergency.

The TCERA network functions through an expanding pool of trained volunteer first responders and medics, emergency medical vehicles and equipment, the TCIF Command and Control Centre.

Through the uniquely designed TCERA app and other affiliate products and platforms, patients are connected with TCIF First Responders in the event of emergencies.

The TCERA app is available for download on both the Apple store and Google play store.