Tech innovators create a crowdfunding platform amid COVID.

Tech innovators create a crowdfunding platform amid COVID.

A group of technology entrepreneurs have united in creating a crowdfunding platform as a relief fund for the people of Nigeria amid COVID 19 and it’s related problems.

This comes after the Coronavirus pandemic which has forced most countries to lock down to prevent its spread. Due to the lockdown, most businesses do not operate which has made

The entrepreneurs came from different companies to create the platform known as “We are together“, a crowdfunding platform to receive and distribute relief funds to the people of Nigeria.

The coalition of tech entrepreneurs are from Paystack, Hygeia HMO, Zedvance,, Accounteer, Future Africa,, Zrosk, and Bento.

The group known as “Better Angels” stated, “We are leveraging the power of networks to crowdsource a fiscal stimulus for Nigeria.

The platform is currently accepting donations from donors and giving them to people in need of financial support. People which financial issues can apply up to N 10,000 and reapply every three weeks.

Also, the group has built a decision engine based on a combination of sociology, economics, psychology, conflict theory and the group’s understanding of the current situation.

The platform can determine who is fit for the fund within seconds and give out funds through the applicants’ Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) and bank account numbers.

The funds are being given out from Mondays to Fridays till December this year.

“We are not angels,” Better Angels said in a finely worded note on its website. “We are like you, men and women looking at the world, aghast, shell shocked and wondering how an unseen enemy has been able to turn the entire world upside down.”.

Few days after its launch, the platform was able to accrue N9.6 million and has given out N8.5 million to about 840 applicants.