Tech4Good Declares Algerian AI Startup, FARM AI, Silver Level Competition Winner

Tech4Good Declares Algerian AI Startup, FARM AI, Silver Level Competition Winner

FRAM AI, an Algerian-based startup has been announced to come in second place (Silver Level) in the notable global competition, Tech4Good by Huawei. The startup reportedly provided innovative solutions to agricultural challenges through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

To stand out in the competition, the AI startup presented its project using a framework model that displayed the intelligent automation of agriculture through AI. This framework also consisted of a detective system through drones. It should provide early detection of crop rust that could potentially affect wheat fields. This project was presented before an international jury.

During the competition’s finale, FARM AI was declared second place winning a sum of $15,000. Through this win, the startup automatically qualifies to partake in an upcoming competition in February. They will participate alongside two other winning teams from this competition. According to Huawei Algeria, the February competition for startups hold a sponsorship deal of $100,000.

While speaking with journalists, a FARM AI team member, Rania Hedna,  revealed the team’s intention behind the innovation. “As part of Huawei’s competition, a problem that affects society had to be solved through a technological process. We chose the problem of rust in agricultural fields” she said.

“Rust is not visible to the naked eye especially since in the fields, the farmer does not have enough space to control. When the drones detect rust, a notification is sent to the farmer whose phone is connected through an application to alert him to the existence of this disease so that he can intervene either by cutting the affected parts or by removing them.”  she continued.

The Tech4Good competition was launched by the multinational telecommunications company, Huawei in 2021. The competition was established as part of its digital skills training program “Seeds for the Future“.

The program trains youths by tasking them to come up with innovative ideas that can solve identified societal problems via the use of information communication and technological skills. This ICT program admits youngsters from different countries of the world.

Over 120 Algerian youth have participated in the “Seed for the Future” training program.

To provide a realistic experience of the presented innovation, Rania reveals that the team will soon experiment with the invention on the farm fields of Algeria.