TECNO Is Going Premium with PHANTOM X, And 2021 Marks Its New Focus

TECNO Is Going Premium with PHANTOM X, And 2021 Marks Its New Focus

TECNO’s release of its premium flagship PHANTOM X hitting the mid-to-high-end brought no small disturbance. It is not only a major move for TECNO, but also a positive signal for the industry – mid-to-high-end smartphone technology and market has become more mature today, and market demand is likely to spread rapidly to global emerging markets led by TECNO, a global expert dedicated to bring the latest technology and innovative designs to consumers in emerging markets.

The Newest Global Evolvement around “Flagship” and “Premium”

Looking at today’s mid-to-high-end market, although competition has reached a fever pitch and the market seems to have been divided up, yet changes around “premium” and “flagship” have started long ago.

While each brand is fighting in the flagship market through its own differentiation, the previous method of dividing the high and low end by pure performance or technical parameter stacking has evolved into new set of dimensions including design, details and total user experience, which are now the new fashion to define a premium phone.

Under such trend, TECNO PHANTOM X resembles the industry trend. Considering TECNO’s strategic focus on emerging markets, TECNO might be pushing the competition into new boundaries to make flagship technology and premium design innovations available sooner to global consumers.

TECNO’s Breakthroughs in “Premium” with PHANTOM X

TECNO’s journey to a premium reflects the new trend of current competition of peers in technology, design details, overall experience.

TECNO might be pushing the competition into new boundaries to make flagship technology and premium design innovations available sooner to global consumers

Premium Flagship Means Breakthroughs in Design with Exquisite Details

Consumer behaviors will change with time, but the core is always the same — the pursuit of beauty and a better life. Smartphones are the most used portable devices nowadays, which require a more ergonomic design that is practical and stylish with exquisite details. Post near a hundred testing trials, a huge and flexible 70-degree curves, industry leading 3D borderless screen with borderless display and a golden grip of 36.5-degree have been implemented on TECNO’s newly flagship. Ensuring users with high standards have the most comfortably experience in the palm, while providing the unbounded visual experience. Also, PHANTOM X replaces the universally used mobile phone back cover with an industry leading silk glass etched texture that almost doubles the challenge of production. But the intensified efforts are totally worth it due to the premium flagship quality that TECNO has promised to meet for customers.

Premium Flagship Redefined More by Smooth Experience of Cutting-technology, not simply by technical parameter

Without a doubt, the camera is an essential feature of any smart phone in current times. TECNO are an actively innovative, international brand dedicated to elevating smartphone photographic technology to another level. They have six TAIVOS laboratories spread across the globe, driving extensive research and development and helmed by a robust leadership that aims to create the most optimized photographic experience.

There has been a huge rise of customized, large-pixel sensors being integrated in premium smartphone designs. Increased pixel dimension results in paramount performance, allowing users to capture the most detailed and vivid snaps. Photosensitive detectors have been significantly enhanced to deliver pictures that capture the most light. TECNO have successfully incorporated the most impactful digital trends dominating today’s markets in their latest flagship device, the PHANTOM X. This includes the advanced 50MP Ultra-Night Camera with a 1/1.3-inch Ultra-Large Sensor, enabling much greater light sensitivity and better sensitivity to low-light environments, helping users capture the most striking images which display excellent visual quality and extreme clarity.

Premium Flagship Differentiates with its Service

TECNO believes, while continuously satisfying consumers’ high standards for technology experience and exquisite design, the premium flagship also differentiates with its exclusive concentration on exploring new demands of premium markets in the ever-evolving social context. For example, with the advent of the Internet of Everything era, people’s lives are becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones. Occasionally, users’ business documents, family affairs, and financial documents will have to be processed on the smartphone, which has led to a privacy protection issue. TECNO accurately identified and provided premium service in data security and privacy protection by introducing newly launched PHANTOM X.

While the fierce competition in the smartphone market will continue, the players among which have been changing all the time. It is no doubt that there will always be full of changes and opportunities with various smartphone brands are raging in mid-to-high-end market. However, from newly-launched flagship of TECNO, the company has figured out a right strategy in terms of many aspects like elegant design language, technology, and fast and smooth user experience.

Just like General Manager of TECNO, Stephen Ha said “With PHANTOM, rules are challenged, broken, and redefined.” The future of TECNO is worth looking forward to.