Telkom Kenya Targets $100,000 For 4G Expansion

Telkom Kenya Targets $100,000 For 4G Expansion

Telkom, one of Kenya’s network providers has decided to expand its reach for the  4G broadband, and this is coming at quite a cost. After launching its 4G broadband in 2017, Telkom has been able to serve only a few of its customers in certain locations with faster internet connectivity.

It is important to note that Telkom, although notable in Kenya is not as big in market share in comparison with Safaricom and Airtel. The telco is a bit behind in development. For instance, when Kenya launched the 4G in 2013, only Safaricom was able to act in that space immediately, others followed suit a few years in. Telkcom was able to join in later in 2017.

Although Telkom is not one of the major leagues in this East African nation, it tries to pull a few strings here and there to satisfy its consumers at its best.

Telkom has been able to retain its consumers with appealing and affordable data products, yet it has not been able to offer satisfying data coverage. It is rated to be at  its best in cities, but its LTE is not as enticing,While Safaricom and Airtel are able to provide high-speed internet, at any location in the country, Telkom has not been able to do the same in various locations.To better serve its audience, Telkom has decided to expand its 4G coverage to the coast of Kenya.This project is meant to reach some specific locations, like, Kwale, Mombasa, Tatia Taveta, and Kifili.In the counties, Telkcom users in Kitui, Machakos, Mkueni, and Kajiado will be able to access 4G network service soon.

In as much as the project was formerly announced in November of 2021, the company only recently come out to disclose the cost of its expansion, which is set to cost about One hundred million USD.

Ericsson and NEC XON are also looking to go into a partnership with Telkom. There is information that these companies will provide Telkom’s Mobile LTE Network/4G with 2, 000 4G sites by 2023.

According to Telkom’s CEO, Mungo Kubati, “This is a very exciting milestone for Telkom. We firmly believe that Mobile Data is a fundamental human right and it has now emerged as a daily necessity. We remain committed to better position our infrastructure asset base and services to drive digital transformation within our various Customer segments thus providing them with more value, as well as bridge the digital divide through the expansion of our Mobile Data Network.”

Kenya as a nation has done well in the development of internet connectivity. Its legislation has been helpful in the pursuit of a better telecommunication space in the nation.