The Developing Trends Of The Moroccan Agritech Ecosystem

The Developing Trends Of The Moroccan Agritech Ecosystem

In recent years, digital Africa has seen recognizable development in various sectors. From launching amazing innovations, and raising tremendous amounts of funding, to expanding within and outside the continent, digital innovations that keep spectators in awe have sprung from Africa, and Agritech is not excluded.

For Africa, the introduction of technology into agriculture can be seen as a blessing. It has been recognized as an application that has aided and developed the sector tremendously. Agrictech startups within the continent have dissected the agricultural industry, providing solutions to various challenges while creating trends that keep the industry growing. While the sector continues to see developing innovations that aid the growth and preservation of agricultural produce, agritech in Africa has been able to raise tangible funds in recent years.

According to the Bird Story, published via Techcabal, US$ 1.1 billion have been raised by African agrictech startups in the past 5 years. One should note that funding is majorly about the scalable potential behind an innovation. The industry via funding has proven itself successful.

Agritech in North Africa

There is no doubt that when it comes to digital technology in North Africa, Egypt is on the lips of most Venture capitalists (VC), and startup counterparts from other regions and continents. This is evidently because of its ability to embrace technology with fewer restrictions. The nation has also proven to possess potential in its Agritech sector. It was reported that its agritech sector led the funding trend in 2021. Egypt’s agritech was able to raise US$ 186.1 million of the US$444.5 million secured by Africa’s agritech sector in 2021.

In as much as Egypt is leading in North Africa, it must be noted the region possesses other nations that have shown remarkable development when agritech is concerned, one of which is Morocco.

Agritech In Morocco

Morocco is a country with a rich agricultural history, and in recent years, the use of technology in traditional farming practices has been on the rise. With the help of technology, Moroccan farmers can improve their productivity while also reducing their environmental impact.

The use of technology in traditional farming practices in Morocco has been made possible through the introduction of modern irrigation systems, precision agriculture, and other advanced technologies. These systems allow farmers to monitor and control the amount of water used, as well as the quality of the soil and other environmental factors. Additionally, farmers can use GPS-enabled devices to track the location of their crops and the progress of their harvests.

New technologies have also helped farmers to reduce their costs and increase their profits. This has allowed them to save on costs associated with the use of pesticides and other chemicals. While technology has created such a magnitude of impact, right between the technology and traditional farmers, are the Morrocan agritech startups.

Moroccan agritech startups have been instrumental in assisting to bring technology into traditional farming within the nation. By utilizing the latest advancements in technology, these startups have been able to create innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of farming operations. Through the use of sensors, drones, and other data-driven tools, farmers can now monitor and track their crops, soil, and weather conditions in real-time, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their crops.

Additionally, they have enabled farmers to access new markets, connect with buyers and sellers, and access financial services, all of which can help to improve their bottom line. By leveraging the power of technology, these startups have been able to revolutionize traditional farming and make it more efficient and profitable.

While there are countable amounts of agritech startups in Morocco, recognizable startups pushing trends within the ecosystem will include.


Just as many Morrocan startups have dissected the agricultural industry and selected challenges they can tackle, PCS AGRI, a Moroccan Agritech startup has been able to develop solutions with the use of IoT and AI.

Founded in 2019 by Tahar Hamdani, this startup has been in the business of providing specific agritech solutions to traditional farmers, thereby improving crop growth. Via PCS AGRI’s mobile application, farmers are able to monitor their crops. The platforms provide tools that analyze the soil, calculate farmers’ yield prior to harvest and likewise provide farmers with agricultural sensitization and advice contents that can come in handy on the farm. It’s tracking to tracks the welling of the crops and gets real-time advice from experts.


Intellexia is one of the leading Moroccan Agritech startups. The startup specializes in assisting farmers to increase crop yields while reducing their environmental impact. They provide tailored solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each farmer.

Creating sector trends, Intellexia maximizes the use of precision agriculture to help farmers better manage their crops and also provides integrated solutions that reduce water waste.

The startup is known to work with local communities to develop sustainable practices that promote the long-term sustainability of agricultural production. Attached to the startup is its mobile application and web solution that provide varied solutions including tools that process the transportation of perishable products from the farm providing traceability of temperature, humidity, and location in real-time.


Founded by Amine Derj and Yassine Mouhsine in 2019, Jadoor is one of the trending agritech startups within the North African country. The Moroccan Agritech is a specialized technology startup that focuses on developing innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by farmers, landowners, and agro-food producers in the country.

In other to improve the livelihoods of rural farmers and increase the value of their products the startup provides them with access to the latest agricultural technologies and knowledge. Jadoor delivers a wide- range of services and tools, such as eco-friendly farming tools, crop monitoring systems through its mobile application, and digital platforms for communication and collaboration between farmers, agro-food producers, and other stakeholders.

By providing these services, Jodoor has enabled farmers to improve their yields, reduce costs, and increase their profits. They also offer training and advice on sustainable agricultural practices, as well as access to financing and investment opportunities.

Agri Scan

Agri Scan is a Moroccan agritech startup that specializes in providing innovative solutions for the agricultural sector. The startup is intent on providing farmers with the tools and resources they required to maximize their yields and increase their profits.

Its product service will include crop management, soil analysis, pest control, and farm management. It also provides a comprehensive platform for farmers to access data and insights about their crops and the market.

Ranging from precision farming, real-time soil analyzing, beekeeping, and irrigation to maturity analyzers, Agri Scan equips farmers in Morocco with technology-based assistance, that translates to increased harvests, thereby tackling food scarcity.

The aforementioned are the current agritech trends within the Moroccan ecosystem. The sector is budding with various innovations waiting to be harnessed, invested in, and expanded.