The Lwana sisters launch Lokshin WiFi to Provide low-cost Wi-Fi in Townships

The Lwana sisters launch Lokshin WiFi to Provide low-cost Wi-Fi in Townships

Three sisters—Kholeka, Tobeka, and Bongeka Lwana, have launched Lokshin WiFi, a low-cost wireless Internet service provider (WISP). The internet service provider which went live today is aimed at increasing connectivity in South African townships.

WISPs are companies that offer point-to-point wireless Internet connections to customers, typically using Wi-Fi or another unlicensed radio frequency technology.

Lokshin WiFi offers low-cost Internet connectivity to customers and small businesses using the cloud-based platform of FibrePoynt, a fixed wireless broadband provider, and a solar-powered network architecture. The initiative intends to offer accessible connectivity in semi-rural and township areas of Mpumalanga and Gauteng.

Due to FibrePoynt’s solar-powered infrastructure’s ability to keep its clients connected during load shedding, the company teamed with them. A technique called FibrePoynt was created by Poynting in South Africa to lower the price of fiber deployments in neighborhoods.

“This is especially helpful for students who need to study for exams or do their homework, and for entrepreneurs to keep businesses running,” Kholeka Lwana said.

For the purpose of managing points of sale with its suppliers, such as spazas and shisa nyamas, Lokshin WiFi also formed a partnership with Flash, a provider of payment platforms. Utilizing whichever network has infrastructure in the relevant areas, Lokshin WiFI’s backhaul management strategy is flexible.

Communities that experience connectivity problems are the focus of its rollout approach. Lwana added that Lokshin WiFi plans on expanding to townships in all provinces within six months.

“The choice of our current location in Olievenhoutbosch [in Centurion] is based on this, and our partners, Bellaggiotech, have an established footprint in Cosmo City, and we took learnings from Cosmo City,” Kholeka Lwana said.

About Lokshin WiFi

A typically male-dominated industry is being challenged by Lokshin Wi-Fi, a women-led business. It aims to provide high-speed, low-cost Wi-Fi in underserved areas with a focus on advancing education technology and small businesses.

Lokshin Wi-Fi

They accomplish this using inexpensive home router options and convenient outdoor Wi-Fi for mobile connectivity while on the go. They build Wi-Fi hotspots in the locations we’ve selected, which in turn provide coverage and access to Wi-Fi for their clients.

“We are making technology easily accessible to this audience, where it was previously inaccessible. Through an intuitive, gamified and fully customizable platform, we provide cost effective internet to households and businesses and our digital solution enables consumers in urban and more rural areas to connect, engage and consume content, media and services.”

“Mobile users in the location will via our defined access points of sale, purchase Wi-Fi access passwords for connection into educational materials, skills development information, e-commerce services such as university application forms, banking and women development information on GBV and health issues.”

Lokshin offers low-cost Wi-Fi which is competitive ranging from as low as 1 Gb at R5 and a variety of affordable packages.