Theconnecthead; Connecting Talents Via Tech

Theconnecthead; Connecting Talents Via Tech

How music makes you feel is exactly what makes it important. Listening to Jimmy Cliff’s “I can see clearly now” just after the rain is gone while inhaling the clear air, and looking at the blue sky can definitely make you feel refreshed. Or listening to “Eyo”, by our very own ASA while driving through Lagos on a Sunday morning, will make you think “nothing can go wrong in a city like this”.

It takes talent and creativity to come up with a musical masterpiece, yet when there is talent without tools, there is no use, this is the void Theconnecthead is created to fill.

What is Theconnecthead?

Theconnecthead is a recently launched platform where talent meets tools. Tools to help with growth, exposure, creativity and most especially productivity.

Recently, Theouut had an interview with Theconnethead founder, Gilbert. AQ. Bani, to discuss the recent launching of Theconnecthead, a music production e-commerce platform.

Gilbert Bani, Founder.
Gilbert Bani, Founder.

Gilbert Bani, also known as AQ, is an award-winning  Nigerian rapper, he founded Theconnecthead out of the need to help Nigerian musical talents, linking them with individuals they can work with to actualize their musical goals. This will include musical pre-production and production activities.

How does it work?

Just as UpWork is for writers, Theconnecthead is for musicians and music creators, this platform is where music creatives build a profile to be hired by artists.

During the interview, AQ stated, “it is an ecosystem where artists can get everything they need, because the first thing about being a successful artist is knowing what to do, knowing what comes next after talent, having people to point you to the next direction, but this has always been a problem in the industry”.

In AQ’s opinion. Theconnecthead will not just serve as a linking platform but in the long run, it would formulate the average pricing rate of music production in Africa. “Another thing we would like to do is level the playing ground for everybody, Theconnecthead will be a good reference for price regulation,  being a marketplace for competition, everyone will have an idea of what a particular production or creative service should cost, thereby making music affordable for a lot of independent artists.

More Than Just Connecting Heads

In addition to being a linking and reference platform, Theconnecthead also intends to be a rating platform, where the activities of creatives can give them work credibility. This is not limited to artists willing to hire creatives but also to big brands seeking to have creatives join their team, ” What we want is to give artist equal opportunities, getting the data of the music business workforce in Africa, that way it will be easy to tell who to work with, the best hands in the industry, offering the advice to not just Artists but also to record labels, and to organizations that will need such service or database at a particular point in time”.

Interested artists and creatives can access the platform for free, and even create a profile, but will be charged a fair percentage when they receive and complete gigs through the platform. Gigs initiated and processed through the platform are covered by the platform,  but those initiated yet proceed off the platform are at creatives’ and artists’ risks.

There are expectations to see this brand evolve into the most relatable music e-commerce platform in Africa, hopefully, we get to witness this soon.