Twiga Foods To Manage Wastage Via Google Tech Partnership

Twiga Foods To Manage Wastage Via Google Tech Partnership

Twiga Foods, a Kenya-based agri-tech start-up has revealed that it will be cutting down on wastage via the implementation of Google’s technology. The action is targeted at curtailing the wastage of perishable goods during distribution especially.

The agri-tech acknowledge that it will be using Google Cloud’s systems on its platform, which will enable a sustainable food-chain value between vendors and farmers.

In other to make this a reality, the parties will be deploying Big Query and Data Studio to examine the historical data of product purchase and their quantities.

A compilation of the data collected will then be used to specify the types and quantities of food products that can be purchased per day by vendors, especially on demand, this will reduce waste during product distribution.

Niral Patel Google Cloud Director for Africa  said, “The work we are doing with Twiga Foods is not just about an e-commerce platform choosing a cloud provider to run its systems and store data,”

H also stated, “It also is about showing how technology and the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can help a nation address sustainability challenges head on such as waste reduction and food security.”

Twiga Foods had set its first IT system with Google Cloud back in 2015, this decision increased its customer base exponentially.

Adopting learning and AI technologies such as machine learning (ML) devices has assisted the startup automates the distribution of goods, efficiently managing both buyer’s and vendors’ time.

So far, Twiga has recorded increased participation of more than Fourteen Thousand (140,000) vendors, and also One Thousand (1,000) farmers. Both users have massively benefitted from the technologies provided by Twiga.