Uber Appoints A New head For its Asia Pacific Business; Pradeep Parameswaran.

Uber Appoints A New head For its Asia Pacific Business; Pradeep Parameswaran.

Uber has appointed Pradeep Parameswaran, as its new head for the Asia Pacific part of the business and he is set to begin his new role next week.

Parameswaran was the chief of Uber India and South Asia and during his time of leadership, he helped Uber develop and successfully get through some tough decisions within the world’s second-largest internet market.

In the Asia Pacific countries, they are able to give bigger opportunities to Uber, which has withdrawn from Southeast Asia and China due to the strong loss of the company and the struggles to compete with local startups in recent years.

According to Pradeep Parameswaran, the newly appointed head, he believes it is highly possible to provide more services to Uber users while moving on with innovation all over the regions.

“There is a large potential to serve more Uber customers and continue innovating across the various region, whether that be taxi partnerships in North Asia, new products like Uber Rent in Australia, or pushing two and three-wheelers deep into the Indian heartland,” said Parameswaran.

A spokesperson revealed that Parameswaran is not going to look after the food delivery category but rather Uber’s ride business within the Asia Pacific region.

Uber is also working on who is going to be replaced for their new head’s former position in India as well. The spokesperson added.

During a statement, the SVP of mobility and business operations at Uber said, “We’re pleased that Pradeep Parameswaran will combat an expanded role as Regional Head for APAC. After capably leading our India and South Asia business since 2018, I do know that he will still inspire Uber’s next phase of growth across this key region.”

”He also will be moving to the company’s yet-to-be-named new headquarters in APAC. the corporate has said it wants to maneuver its regional headquarters to Hong Kong, the semi-autonomous Chinese territory, where the corporate operates during a legal gray area.” He added.

In 2018, Uber said it handled 14 million rides phenomenally in India, and even though they spent millions monthly to keep and bring in more customers the food delivery market didn’t go so well. Hence, earlier this year, ‘Uber Eats’ Indian business was sold to Zomato their local rival.