UCT-based Accelerator selects 10 startups for its Accelerator Program

UCT-based Accelerator selects 10 startups for its Accelerator Program

The UCT GSB Solution Space has announced it is entering phase two of its annual E-Track Program involving a three-part venture acceleration and capacity-building program for high-impact startups.

The acceleration program is partnered with ayoba. The program that started with the Venture Launch course has now seen 10 startups moved beyond that to join the 12-week Venture Exploitation process.

The selected startups are tech talent platform VeriDev; travel booking administration SPEKBOOM; health platform Fortis Biohacking; Agri-tech startup Desert Green Africa; home-based healthcare service NOOSi;  event management startup Bility Solutions; aquaculture company MariHealth Solutions; smart medicine solution Smart Box; African-Chinese intercultural empowerment service Wubuntu and IoT startup Radian Technologies.

Shiela Yabo the program administrator at the UCT GSB Arrangement Space peaking on the program said that the capital firm is supported by the strength they have seen among business visionaries in the first stage.

“We are encouraged by the resilience we have witnessed among entrepreneurs in phase one. We are looking forward to the journey with them as they prepare to launch and grow their ventures in the next phase” said Shiela.