US-based Xcelerate to buy stake in Tanzanian Medical Technology Firm, AfiyaSasa Africa

US-based Xcelerate to buy stake in Tanzanian Medical Technology Firm, AfiyaSasa Africa

Tanzanian med-tech startup, AfiyaSasa Africa (ASA), is closing in an investment from Xcelerate Inc., a medical technology services provider based in the United States, in which it will yield a majority position to the company.

The deal will see Xcelerate purchase a 51% stake in the Tanzanian medical technology and virtual health company.

ASA was launched by world-renowned Tanzanian spinal surgery doctor, Dilan Ellegala, to connect people in remote areas with limited medical infrastructure and/or limited medical professionals.

ASA’s technology is based on software, which uses and integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) developed by AdviNOW.

ASA’s platform enables patients use their mobile phones, tablets, and computers to access the platform, which allows licensed physicians and other medical workers to conduct virtual checks and select the best course of treatment.

The platform is also equipped with facial recognition and storing capabilities, allowing it to recognize returning patients.

Xcelerate CEO Michael O’Shea said: “This project, among others, has been at the forefront of our planning ever since Dilan Ellegala joined our Advisory Board in 2021.

“ASA is uniquely positioned to help the people of Africa meet their medical needs by extending the reach of physicians to their patient’s mobile devices through a patented breakthrough technology.”

In a statement, ASA co-founder Dr Dilan Ellegala said: “ASA is now poised to take Dr. Ellegala’s foundational work to the highest level by dramatically improving the health care delivery system for hundreds of millions of Africans and we’re excited to be a partner in the project.”

ASA has affirmed that with AI supporting Q&A, AR will enable the assessment of diagnostic possibilities, testing and treatment options, as well as next steps for the patient.