VerifyMe Launches New Digital Identity, Create Customer Analysis Tool

VerifyMe Launches New Digital Identity, Create Customer Analysis Tool

VerifyMe, a Nigerian identity verification startup, has revealed its new product, QoreID, a reserved identity and analytics tool for business-to-business linking platforms. This newly launched platform is designed to provide API structures and data assistance which will link businesses to people along with their information across the continent.

Developed for medium-scale businesses and enterprises, QoreID procures a suite of confirmation and authentication tools that link businesses to verified identities and paramount consumer data which will represent an alternative credit scoring tool for unbanked consumers.

The platform will enable and drive tolerable growth within the developing consumer credit and unrestricted finance markets, that can be used to build products that assist fintechs access consumer complaints information.

While giving insight into the new product, VerifyMe’s Chief Executive Officer, CEO, and Co-founder, Esigie Aguele, said the QoreID is strategically created to evolve businesses across the continent and propel growth amidst the prominent markets by providing customer acquisition faster, more reasonable and likewise more efficient.

In Agule’s words “QoreID is simply data infrastructure you can trust to build your business or products on. Many medium to large-scale companies spend valuable time and resources verifying customer information for KYC or approving them for credit or other services. This slows down their business development efforts and may result in several lost opportunities. It also increases the risk of insider abuse”

He continued by saying “With QoreID, businesses seeking to drive growth within key markets and enhance their overall customer experience can simply use our secure API hub or SDKs to meet their business or regulatory requirements.”

Additionally, Aguele revealed that the organization has finalized its plans to launch in other African countries, starting with Ghana.

“Right from inception, we have been driven by a clear vision to grow Africa’s trust economy. Reinforced by the successes we have recorded in Nigeria, the continent’s most competitive market, we believe the time is right to spread out to other markets within the sub-region. This decision was not taken in isolation. As businesses continue to interconnect across the continent, customers who have experienced the superiority of our service offerings have also expressed the desire to have us support their businesses as they grow across the continent,” he said