Viral Changes of 2020: Technology in a Pandemic.

Viral Changes of 2020: Technology in a Pandemic.

What technological changes did you anticipate for 2020?

Before the beginning of this year, the most highly predicted changes in the technology industry was the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. The common phrase that trolled WhatsApp broadcasts and Facebook updates all over the world was, “robots are going to take over our jobs.”

For some, it was an evolution; for some others, it was the end of the world. However, no one predicted the changes that would occur in technology. The needs of society today are not as expected.

With the spread of the pandemic, creations that were once auxiliary have become prime solutions all over the world, including areas countries that are behind in technological advancement.

From workplace technology to transportation, these tools have become unexpectedly famous in the face of the pandemic.

Remote working technology:

Technology that enables virtual collaboration and communication among teams has been around for very long. In fact, it looks as if a new one pops up every day. Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Trello, Asana, and now Zoom; all of these have been in use over the years. Companies use them for meetings among branches, meetings with clients who prefer virtual communication, or for meetings with the traveling CEO. Remote work was still a concept to many; unusual and unexplored, though accepted as possible.

Now, remote work has become the only way to work, and remote work technologies have become one of the most used tools in the whole world. The pandemic has changed the system of work in the world today. True, the pandemic will end, and people will go back to their offices, but the option of remote work has been explored, tested, and enjoyed. Therefore, work can never be the same.

Remote learning technology:

Remember a time when remote learning was unusual? When fulltime study from home was the exception to the rule? Online courses have always been popular but not taken very seriously. Now, eLearning is normal, as high school students and post-graduate students alike have no choice but to continue their education at home. Most of the countries of the world have turned to virtual learning to sustain the education system. School no longer refers to four walls and desks as Edmodo, TedEd and other tools have enabled schools to create the complete learning experience, and the online school has become a necessity and not just an option that was looked down upon.

Social media tools:

As many people have had to put work on hold and some others have experienced a slower rate and lower pressure to deliver, more people are bored and turning to social media for entertainment. Where most people used to go on social media to be entertained, more individuals and even families have taken to social media to entertain others. Short-form videos and varying video challenges have taken over the internet. This has boosted the use of phone apps like TikTok, thriller, cameo, and others as more people look to the internet for distraction from the boring drudgery caused by the stay-at-home order in most countries. Before now, few people had time to make hilarious videos for the internet; now, everyone is doing it.

These are just a few of the technological surprises, and it is certain that the world would have gotten to this point eventually, but as a result of the pandemic, the world has skipped the acceptance stage and gone straight to dependency on these technology tools.

What tech trends have been the most surprising for you?