Vodafone To Support Egypt's Renewable Energy 2030 Vision

Vodafone To Support Egypt's Renewable Energy 2030 Vision

Companies contributing to social development in most cases are not news for the act, but the kind of activities they participate in for social development could have lips whispering. this is the same case with Vodafone contributing to Egypt’s green energy development.

Recently in the news, Egypt’s outlet of the multinational company, Vodafone, revealed that it would be making use of technology to contribute to the nation’s sustainable development goal (2030 Vision Egypt).

Currently, Vodafone is the largest telecommunication network in the North African country. The telecom has successfully created a presence for itself just like it did in South Africa. Using strategic marketing systems. Vodacom has won a majority of Egyptian hearts thereby translating them to dedicated users. Again the telecom is at it, contributing to Egypt’s energy transition, aiming to make the process seamless.

As it is Egypt is Vodafone’s second-largest market after South Africa. It is only right for it to endeavour to keep a supporting relationship with the nation.

One major sector the telecom plans to make more impact in this developmental activities is the Agricultural sector. Vodafone plans to introduce current technologies into agriculture that will preserve about 18 bms of water.

While making known the company’s decision,  Vodafone Egypt’s External affairs director, Ayman Essam, gave a few insights into the coming activities.  According to him in a quote “We recycle our network by 100%. We also use AI applications to improve renewable energy in data centres and network stations, which saved 10% of energy consumption, in addition to the use of smart technologies and solutions to provide the rate of fuel consumption for tower generators, which resulted in reducing our energy consumption by 30%.”

Asides from the introduction of technology in agriculture. Vodafone is also participating in recycling 100% of the company’s network with the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques in other to preserve 10% of the company’s energy.

Basically, Vodafone is winning in two ways, winning and sustaining more hearts for the customer base, while also contributing to renewable energy which will in the end benefit activities in Egypt.