WhatsApp to introduce Disappearing Messages feature.

WhatsApp to introduce Disappearing Messages feature.

Social media platform, WhatsApp is planning to introduce a disappearing messages feature.

This feature will allow users to send messages to each other where they can then set a duration in which the messages will delete after a set period of time.

According to Beta, the current settings ranges between an hour to up to a year. If you are looking to create a private conversation that you don’t want anyone to see, you could set it for an hour, after which all messages will disappear.

This is more effective compared to deleting chats because deleting a chat on your end doesn’t mean it is deleted on the other person’s end.

As of now, the Delete Messages feature is not available yet. It is quite unclear when this feature will roll out to users.

The feature is under development which means that WhatsApp is working on this feature and there no release date available.

However, some messaging apps and social media platforms, have the option to post content temporarily before it disappears forever.

In fact, recently Twitter has been toying with such a feature. Now it looks like WhatsApp could get something similar as well, at least that’s according to the latest beta discovered by WA Beta Info.

Individuals must take not that, features spotted in the beta tend to take a while before they go live, and when they do, it might be slightly different from what was in the beta.

Whatsapp is currently working on other features like Dark Mode, QR Code Button, In-app browser and many others.

The Dark Mode feature on WhatsApp has been spotted on both Android as well as iOS beta. However, the feature is yet to arrive in its completely full-fledged version or even in the testing phase.

Another WhatsApp beta version is the QR code button, which would allow the users to easily share their profiles as well as add contacts via specific QR codes.

Also, WhatsApp was spotted to feature an in-app browser whenever any user tries to open a particular link shared over the app.

The decision by WhatsApp to introduce disappearing messages, it will a continuation of making the app relevant in our daily living.



Tosin Agboola

Reporter with Ouut Africa.

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