Yego Mobility launches to compete with other ride-hailing startups in Kenya 

Yego Mobility launches to compete with other ride-hailing startups in Kenya 

Mobility company, Yego Global has launched its taxi-hailing subsidiary, Yego Mobility Kenya Limited in Kenya and is set to charge drivers 12% commission, the lowest after Little.

This development comes at a time when drivers of competing companies: Uber Kenya; Bolt, formerly Taxify; Little Kenya, and a host of others face reviewed commission rates fixed at 18% by the Kenya National Transport and Safety Commission (NTSA). Before the launch of Yego Global, Little Kenya charged drivers a 15% commission – the lowest at the time compared to Uber’s 25% and Bolt’s 20%.

Uber has had a similar experience of dismissal against a relative commission surge in Tanzania and South Africa where drivers take to industrial action such as strikes and protests. Recently, Uber and Bolt drivers in Kenya took to the streets raising placards against the overdue warning by the NTSA.

Protest; Uber, Bolt Drivers Condemn Slow Implementation Of Ride-Hailing Regulation In Kenya

The bodaboda and taxi-hailing business in Kenya is competitive meanwhile, at this period in the country, only companies that submit to the regulations of the NTSA can thrive. This is therefore a pivotal moment for Yego Mobility to leverage the conflict as it has strategically made it to charge the lowest commission from drivers as well as offer attractive packages.

Drivers have access to accident and medical insurance, both of which are free. They are also entitled to a savings and credit cooperative (SACCO), a safety net by the company that enables them access to a 10% dividend. “A drivers’ SACCO is being set up and YEGO Mobility Kenya has committed to pay 10 per cent of its dividend to the SACCO to secure the drivers’ future,” a statement by the company reads.

Just after 15 days of commencing operations in Nairobi, the company has secured 5000 drivers.

To request a ride, customers will scan a QR code with the unique ‘Pair Ride’. After this, the destination and preferred payment options are seamlessly transferred to enable navigation and fare calculation. The in-App wallet solution allows passengers to pay without cash or PIN.

Speaking on the development, YEGO Global CEO and founder Karanvir Singh said: “It is a very proud moment for YEGO Mobility to be the 1st licensed app by NTSA in Kenya. We are providing a customized solution for Kenya, one that has been purpose-built to free the driver community from the digital slavery of the Gig economy.”

About Yego Global

Founded in 2016, Yego Global is a dominant ride-hailing company that first debuted its operations in Rwanda. Not only does it provide mobility solutions but has its IoT infrastructure, licensed to provide the world’s first Intelligent Connected Fare Metres (ICFM).