Zoom plans strong encryption for paying users.

Zoom plans strong encryption for paying users.

Zoom (ZM), the popular video conferencing app has announced plans to provide its paying customers more secure encryption.

The plan to provide more security was discussed on a call with civil liberties and child sex abuse activists according to Alex Stamos, the Zoom security consultant.

According to Stamos, the plan is still subject to changes and determination is yet to be made if any organizations such as nonprofits and political dissidents might get encrypted video accounts.

Zoom’s fortune has grown since the coronavirus pandemic as working from home has become the new norm attracting millions of paying and free account holders who can attend meetings without registering. This had allowed uninvited individuals to zoombomb meetings.

The company also hired experts after a series of security breaches and zoombombing which led to some companies warming their employees to cease the use of Zoom.

Just last week, Zoom announced the acquisition of  Keybase to bolster its security.

“At the same time that Zoom is trying to improve security, they are also significantly upgrading their trust and safety,” according to Stamos.