31 African startups selected for Smart Cities Innovation Program

31 African startups selected for Smart Cities Innovation Program

Smart Cities Innovation Program (SCIP) has announced the thirty-one African tech startups that have been selected to take part in the Smart Cities Innovation Programme, which aims to help selected startups scale up their products and services to boost urban transformation.

The SCIP program which is partnered by several companies including Volkswagen, Siemens, the African Business Angels Network (ABAN), and others was launched by the Rwandan Ministry of ICT and Innovation and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Following a six-month accelerator program, 31 African startups have now been selected and will benefit from mentoring, training, intensive networking, and matchmaking with international startup investors.

Selected startups will also be able to use Rwanda’s flagship smart city project, Green City Kigali as an area to test their solutions under realistic market conditions using the Rwandan market.

Selected startups fell under 3 categories – Cleantech and smart housing, smart mobility, and fintech for affordability.

7 Cleantech and smart housing startups from across Africa have been selected to take part in the Smart Cities Innovation Programme:


Scrapays equips wast-collectors (individuals) with their IoT enabled digital scales and mobile carts to collect and manage waste streams by having them dropped off at locations in the communities.


Koolboks makes eco-friendly refrigeration affordable and accessible to all

Urbany Africa

Urbany works to formalize informal settlements via a co-development and land pooling framework.


GAS360 uses IOT metering and A.I Automation technology to create access to clean(er) (LPG) cooking fuel

Dove Air

Dove Air provides instant access to urgent medical supplies to those across the world through advanced drone technology


Ecoplastile addresses the challenges of urban waste management (plastic pollution), access to affordable housing, chronic youth unemployment, deforestation and climate change.


Messibat develops an industrial process making it possible to manufacture worldwide, using local bio-sourced materials

15 smart mobility startups from across Africa have been selected to take part in the Smart Cities Innovation Programme:

Kiri EV

Kiri EV Ltd manufactures affordable electric vehicles and charging systems for the Kenyan and East African Market.

Mazi Mobility

Kenyan Mazi Mobility implements electric vehicle ecosystem in Africa.

My Way Digital Stick

My Way Digital Stick is a digital walking stick enabling people with visual impairment to detect obstacles in the distance up to 50cm easing navigation in their daily lives.


Instadriver is a portal to connect employers with drivers and a portal to assist drivers to find employment with ease.


Optimalogistics is an on demand-marketplace for logistics services

Gura Universal Link

GURARIDE is a Rwanda-based green e-mobility public bikeshare (PBS) transport system company


BasiGo is an e-mobility startup providing public transport bus owners with a cost-effective electric alternative to diesel.


Smatbeba is a cloud-based module that offers an interactive platform for vehicles riders/owners

Transport for Cairo

Transport for Cairo (TfC) provides data, tools and research to improve urban mobility in emerging cities, primarily in Africa.


Ewarren delivers solutions for every informal transport network use case.


E-Safiri aims to drive Africa’s transition into sustainable transport by developing solar powered and grid


Tuverl is an app that seeks to make Public Transport cheaper and more accessible to millions of commuters

KaCyber Security Tech

KaCyber is a robust digital ticketing and payment system for the transport sector


Expendo! is a cargo-space intuitive app for fast, convenient and affordable cargo delivery services.

STES Group Limited

STES Group Ltd develops digital solutions, provides training in Internet of Things (IoT) and other different emerging technologies.

9 fintech startups from across Africa have been selected to take part in the Smart Cities Innovation Programme:

Angle Dimension

Angle Dimension are innovating around e-KYC to simplify customer onboarding and financial inclusion.


Cladfy help SMEs Discover competitive loan products, assess their qualification status, and then match them with our incredible partners


Cofundie is addressing Africa’s housing shortage crisis by providing an online platform for secure crowdsourcing of funds


Digiduka provides digital financial services and social commerce solutions to informal retailers in Africa.


Flow leverages alternative data to help independent businesses prosper in the digital economy


InsurePay is fin-tech startup building economic identities for small-scale farmers through finance and market access.


Mopay is a rewards platform for everyday purchases.

Naa Sika

Naa Sika is an e-Micro Bank with no fees for the unbanked and underbanked


PayClide is a fast, secure, and convenient payments and transfers for small businesses in Africa

These startups will receive six months of wholistic support including virtual and physical training, individual coaching and mentoring from seasoned experts. They will also get access to the SCIP’s corporate and public partners as well as investors, allowing for extensive networking and matchmaking.