AVIC International Brings Back Technology Competition In 6 African Nations

AVIC International Brings Back Technology Competition In 6 African Nations

AVIC International Holding Corporation, AVIC International, has disclosed that its competition, Africa Technology Challenge is back and will take place in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

This season will be the competition’s seventh season. The Covid-19 pandemic had caused a two-year break.

AVIC International is an intercontinental organization owned by China’s Aviation Industry Corporation, AVIC.

With over 150 satellites operating in 60 countries worldwide, AVIC deals with electronics, technology, aviation, trade, international businesses, and property services.

The company plans to help local businesses and create no fewer than Ten thousand jobs; this is an aftermath of its massive investment in Nairobi, Kenya.

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AVIC has developed its presence amongst the East African locals for the past two decades, initiating and sponsoring businesses in its field of practice, likewise carrying out various CSR operations.

The company has made the most significant investment despite investing in various local businesses and infrastructure across the city.

The competition

AVIC International Competition
AVIC International Competition. Source Nairobi News

As reported, this season, AVIC centers the competition on the power of technology and how the participants can use technology to enhance their creativity.

The competition will also be streamlined into the construction industry, seeking innovations and concepts that can boost the participant’s design initiative and abilities using tools such as ZWCAD.

The emerging winner will be compensated with cash prizes and a Master’s Degree Scholarship in a Chinese Institution.

The participants will be aided with training on using required software via the online learning platform.

An online introductory competition will be held in Kenya by August; rival teams will participate in the contest, and the winning teams in each hosting nation will meet head to head in the final stage.

The final stage will hold in Namibia by November.