BlockHeader Organizes 1st Web3 workshop and hackathon in Northern Nigeria

BlockHeader Organizes 1st Web3 workshop and hackathon in Northern Nigeria

Blockheader in partnership with Filecoin Orbit Nigeria organized the first web3 hackathon to be hosted in Northern Nigeria. The event held from July 29th -July 31st   2022. The “Northern” hackathon, is derived from the need to initiate the innovation mentality in Northern Nigeria.

The event which is the first hackathon in Northern Nigeria took a house at the CoLab, the first Innovation Hub and Co-working space in Kaduna state.

The 3-day hybrid event (physical and virtual) which was titled “Build The Future” is drawn from the host’s agenda of attracting attention toward education on web3, which can only be done through necessary participation and adoption, resulting in an increase in innovative solutions.

In attendance were various Nigerian tech creatives and talented hands in Web3 who came together to discuss the event’s topic and tech development in the North.

According to the press release, speakers in attendance include Chukwuemeka Mbaebie, Lead, Filecoin Nigeria; Babajide Ayoade, Software Developer; Timi Dan, Solidarity Smart Contract Developer; Victoria Enebeli, Developer Advocate Polygon; Abubakar Khalil, Bitcoin Core Developer; Mudia Imaseun, Lead Product Designer, Bloc, David Nnamdi, Blockchain Developer; David Pius, Blockchain Developer.

Day 1

Friday the 29th of July was the first day of the event, where CoLab took the floor to discuss the Futuer of hackathon, and Design School wrapped up the day.


Image From Day 1. Image Source: BlockBuild


Day 2

Saturday 30th July was the Second day of the event. It had Tim Dan speak in the first session, discussing the Understanding of the Web3 stack. The second session had Enebeli Victotri discuss basic of Dapp development and many more.

hackathon day 2
Image from Day 2. Image Source: Blockbuild / Day 3 (Final Day) Saturday, July 31st marked the final day of the event. Three sessions were held on this day, the first was by Mudia Imaseun, who discussed a topic titled ” Towards a Better Ethereum Dapp UX. / Mudia Imaseun Image Source: Blockbuild

The second session had Babajide Ayoade take the stage, as he discussed Filecoin and InterPlanetary File System.

Hackathon Day 3
Babajide Ayoade. Image Source: Blockbuild / The efficacy of filecoin in a decentralized data storage was discussed by Chkuwuemeka Mbaebie during the final session of the day.
Hackathon Day 3
Chukwuemeka Mbaebie. Image Source: Blockbuild / to make it an interactive event, teams were drawn from the participants, the teams had to present solution to a given challenge. emerging winner,Team Node won the grand price of Five Hundred US Dollars ($500).