Cloud Bike Introduces its Telus Bikes to the Moroccan Market

Cloud Bike Introduces its Telus Bikes to the Moroccan Market

Cloud Bike, the manufacturer of the first Moroccan-made electric bikes, “Telus Bikes,” is finally introducing its product to the Moroccan market after about four years of exclusively producing exports to the European Union and the United States, as reported by Morocco World News.

According to Adam Dadsi, CEO of Cloud Bikes in an interview with Morocco World News, the decision comes in response to the rising demand for sustainable bikes in the Moroccan market.

“We mainly do exports to Europe, but this year we started commercializing our electric bike brand ‘Telus Bikes’ in Morocco,” he explained. “We have only 15% of our annual sales on exports that we are allowed to sell here in Morocco. And this 15% we are using to commercialize the electric bikes in Morocco.”

Cloud Bike offers several models. The Telus bikes are foldable for easy storage and have a lithium battery safety lock.

According to Jaafar Mounir Benabbou, Marketing and Sales Manager at Telus Bikes, the new electric bikes from the Tangier-based startup have a range of 50 to 100 kilometers depending on the model.

He explained that the battery charges completely in 4 to 5 hours and that Telus Bike prices range from $695.53 to ($1,086.77).

The Telus Bike Brand in Morocco

First 'Made in Morocco' Electric Bike to Hit National Market

Since its inception in Tangier in 2018, the Moroccan startup has solely focused on international distribution.

Benabbou went further to say “The idea of the Telus Bike brand in Morocco did not come by chance. There is a demand that has been growing. There is a big demand for electric bikes and bicycles… We realized that the local market has no local or international operators to market electric bikes.”

According to Telus Bikes’ Marketing and Sales Manager, the decision to start selling their bikes on the Moroccan market was motivated by a desire to offer Moroccans not just a sustainable stylish bike, but also — and especially — a high-quality locally manufactured product.

It was not only about making profits, he remarked, arguing that Telus Bikes approached the decision as a much-needed “ opportunity for us” to offer Moroccan bike enthusiasts a  substitute for imported products, “which are generally of poor quality.”

“Therefore to meet the needs [of the local market] and offer Moroccan consumers an electric bicycle, a means of sustainable mobility, economic at the same time and, which is at the same time made in Morocco, manufactured locally,” Benabbou added.

Cloud Bike has been distributing its electrically assisted bicycles (VAE) for several months now, attracting the attention of Moroccan social media users.

Besides their official website, the bikes will be also sold via Jumia, Electroplanet, EMOB Morocco, and soon Decathlon Morocco, according to the brand’s marketing and sales manager.

Telus Bikes intends to launch in the next few days a commercial model of electric bikes designed for delivery and courier services, according to the CEO, Adam Dadsi.