Roam Launches Kenya's First Electric Mass Transit Bus

Roam Launches Kenya's First Electric Mass Transit Bus

Roam, a Kenyan-based electric vehicle company had launched its electric mass transit bus. This is one of its latest designs. The vehicle is built to create a solution to the challenges faced in the Kenyan public transportation sector and possibly the whole of Africa.

Recently Roam had announced that it would make its vehicle available in the Kenyan Market, it had even gone into partnership with M-Pesa a fintech asset financing company,  to help its customers access electric motorbikes through an affordable payment plan.

Roam Air was founded in 2017 as an electric mobility company, it is focused on all-electric conversion kits for fleet vehicles such as light trucks, public transport and buses, as well as electric motorcycles and energy systems. These vehicles are indigenously created with Roam’s concept to provide its consumers with products that are sufficient, reliable and pocket-friendly.

Late last year, the company raised equity and grant funding to the tune of Seven Million, Five hundred Thousand US dollars ($7.5 million). The funds were said to have gone into accelerating the company’s operations, this more evident in the launching of its rapid mass transport.

Inside Roam E-mass Transit

This is the first electric mass transit vehicle launched in the East African country. The vehicle has the capability to transport about Ninety (90) passengers with enough accommodation for the boarding and alighting of passengers, and a comfortable condition for either sitting or standing positions.

The bus also comes with seats prioritized for the elderly and people with mobility disabilities. There’s enough legroom, an area specifically for wheelchairs, and easy entry because of its low floor.

This electric bus was built with a “diverse community” in mind, yet being modern, sufferable, and efficient. Roam plans to set the pace in the transportation sector.

Designed to function electrically, the bus has zero tailpipe emissions and produces low noise pollution. Equipped with a battery size of 384-kWh, which helps the bus run 24 hours without any worries to charge during a bus run. There is also the fast charge feature, as the bus can be fully charged within two hours via the DC charging ports.

Speaking about the launch, Roam’s Project Coordinator, Dennis Wakaba, stated, “The solution Roam brings to the Kenyan market enables us to move people safely, comfortably and timely in both a sustainable and affordable way. The bus is designed not only to increase comfort and lower cost but more importantly focuses on the well-being of the population through reduced noise pollution and eliminating local emissions, improving air quality for the cities across Africa.”