ComiBlock Secures Funding From California-Based Accelerator , Expert Dojo

ComiBlock Secures Funding From California-Based Accelerator , Expert Dojo

ComiBlock, a Nigerian investtech startup has secured funding from a California-based development accelerator, Expert Dojo, in other to scale. The amount raised is yet to be disclosed by the startup.

Comiblock was launched in February of 2021, as a crypto divestment advisory platform. With the use of a smartphone, users can access the startup, use its tools to receive investment advice, and generate thematic crypto portfolios.

Since its launch, the investtech platform has accumulated more than US$420,000 in transaction volume with plans to generate even more immediately after it secured Expert Dojo’s investment. Expert Dojo has made a series of global investments in about two hundred startups in the world.

Through this funding, ComiBlock will be able to expand its service offering and operations, likewise, make tangible investments in the development of its product for it to develop and scale credible crypto investment plans for its users.

While addressing the attitude of crypto investment and use by other platforms, Dennis Mary, ComiBlock co-founder and CEO, noted that“Most crypto platforms are structured as an exchange and leave most retail users with a black box experience, which is unhealthy for many reasons. On top of that, most crypto exchanges see the average users as just an anonymised dollar value.”

She further explained, “These black box experiences have promoted an irresponsible and toxic investing culture. We’re rebuilding it entirely. The exchange model is an old factory. ComiBlock is effectively a new factory. Our recent funding from Expert Dojo is another sign of the faith and trust that our customers, partners, and investors have in ComiBlock. We’re honoured that they’ve come on this journey with us.”