DashPay Launches Glass App to Provide Contactless Payments for SMEs

DashPay Launches Glass App to Provide Contactless Payments for SMEs

Dashpay, a provider of merchant solutions, has unveiled Glass, an app-based payment acceptance system that can be utilized by businesses all across the nation. Any merchant may accept contactless card payments through Glass App using any compatible NFC-enabled Android mobile device, according to Dashpay, a part of Capital Appreciation.

Dashpay claims that the Glass app can be used to turn any of the 44 million NFC-enabled Android smartphones in South Africa into a mobile credit card payment terminal. It can be used as the main payment acceptance device, a backup to a traditional credit card terminal, or as a load-shedding replacement device.

According to Benjamin Powell, MD of Dashpay, Glass delivers all the security of a typical card payment terminal, supported by Dashpay’s decades of experience.

“Glass offers all the security of a traditional card payment terminal, backed by Dashpay’s decades of experience in successfully managing the back-end systems for thousands of secure payment terminals across South Africa – and into the rest of the continent,” says Powell.

Retailers may use Glass by downloading the software from the Google Play Store here, creating a simple profile, and beginning transactions right away. All successfully completed transactions are immediately visible in the merchant’s Glass wallet, and payment is only made after FICA and business profile verification are complete. Smart reverse data integration eliminates operating data expenses for both the merchant and the client. It also ensures that a transaction will go through even if a user’s device doesn’t have a positive data balance.

Dashpay adds that while there are no sign-up or rental fees for users of Glass, there is a 2.5% introductory transaction cost for businesses.

Powell speaking on the app said: “We hope that by offering instant access to payment acceptance technology with Glass – and zero sign-up, rental or data costs – we’re able to offer an immediate and necessary boost to the informal and SME economy in South Africa. Glass will also offer bigger merchants a simple back up, should their primary device fail or be hobbled by load-shedding”.