Fawry and Syrve Partner for F&B Payments Ease in Egypt

Fawry and Syrve Partner for F&B Payments Ease in Egypt

With the help of Syrve, an all-in-one restaurant management system, Fawry, the country’s top provider of banking services and e-payments solutions, will give Egypt’s food and beverage industry access to an automated checkout process and seamless payments. In New Cairo, Egypt, at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre, the Cafex Expo, which is presently taking place, this partnership was declared.

With a presence in 44 countries, Syrve provides a thorough restaurant management system that meets the unique requirements of each establishment, including controlling tables, inventories, personnel, and payments.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Egypt will now be served by Syrve’s services thanks to their partnership with Fawry, which will also help Fawry reach a wider consumer base and provide more value. Fawry’s chief business officer, Heba El Awady, expressed her delight about working with Syrve and combining their special knowledge and resources to better serve their consumers in the F&B sector.

Fawry and Syrve will work together on a variety of projects as part of the partnership, including joint product development, cross-promotion of their respective products, and the fusion of their platforms and technologies. To reach new audiences and increase market share, the cooperation will also entail coordinated marketing and sales initiatives.

Fawry will further solidify its position as Egypt’s top e-payment platform thanks to the relationship with Syrve. Syrve’s chief operating officer, Alexander Ponomarev, stated that this collaboration marks an important turning point for the business and that they see great potential in collaborating with Fawry to benefit their clients in Egypt and the rest of the MENA region.

MENA’s Collaboration for Inclusion

When a new market is just getting started, successful cooperation and communication between market actors and regulatory agencies can significantly impact the evolution of the market as a whole. The main goal of such partnerships with MENA fintechs is to promote financial inclusion while also developing a market for easily available, reasonably priced, and sustainable financial services in the region.

Modern technology solutions from Syrve for the food and beverage (F&B) sector encompass all aspects of restaurant operations, from point-of-sale (POS) and front-of-house features to stock keeping and forecasting. With its extensive global reach, Syrve has already served thousands of restaurants and is prepared to expand its clientele in Egypt and the MENA area.

For the F&B sector in Egypt and the MENA region, this alliance between Fawry and Syrve is a significant milestone. It will improve the management skills of restaurants and other F&B businesses and allow them to provide their consumers with a more streamlined and convenient payment experience.

By transforming how people access financial services, fintech entrepreneurs are upending the payments industry. Fintechs can tap into the established frameworks to broaden their reach while startups can use their technology to stay competitive in a world that is now dominated by digital technology.