Fawry Partnership With Orange Cash; A Tool For Egypt Vision 2030

Fawry Partnership With Orange Cash; A Tool For Egypt Vision 2030

Egypt’s Super App, Fawry has recently gone into a partnership with Orange Cash through an agreement. The partnership is meant to provide a more sophisticated digital payment service and expand Orange Cash’s features as a digital payment provider on its own.

The strategic partnership goes in line with the nation’s intention to achieve financial inclusion community within a functioning financial sector. It also supports Farwy’s plan to develop a strong alliance with notable finance startups and companies within the nation most especially those that offer e-payment services via smart wallet features.

With decades of experience in its portfolio, Orange Cash has been able to offer its users diverse financial services. This will include but not be restricted to Bill payments, money transfers, tuition payments and many more. Its services are constantly at the core of creating smart and swift financial payment options for its users.

The Partnership

With this partnership, Orange Cash is set to have a developed digital wallet a feature that Fawry is well known to provide. This will ensure Orange Cash users the ability to seamlessly perform financial transactions via their mobile devices. Farwy has the right to the most sophisticated systems for the development and management of digital/e-wallets. Its fintech tools are also one of the most secure as they have been endorsed and supported by the  Central Bank of Egypt’s initiatives, especially the cashless policy initiative.

While discussing the partnership via the press release made available, Orange Cash’s CEO, Yasser Shaker, said, “Today’s partnership with Fawry reaffirms the company’s strategy and commitment to accelerate financial inclusion and help turn the economy into a cashless one while ensuring that all payment needs of Egyptians are met through a comprehensive platform in cooperation with a prominent local partner in this sector. Following our recent partnership with the National Bank of Egypt, this new partnership with Fawry combined with Orange’s worldwide expertise in mobile money and digital banking makes Orange Cash the strongest mobile wallet solution in Egypt with the strongest partners in the sector.”

Along the same line, Fawry’s CEO, Eng. Ashraf Sabry, also stated “In response to the state’s tendency to increasingly rely on e-payment solutions in financial transactions, which has become absolutely necessary in recent years to keep up with the digital transformation, Fawry has made significant investments, allowing it to serve as the strategic partner for digital transformation services as well as the development and management of mobile wallet platforms. We are pleased that all of the services and solutions offered by Fawry were created by Egyptians”.

Fintechs And Egypt Vision 2030

Egyptian fintechs are playing an increasingly important role in helping the nation achieve its Vision 2030. This ambitious plan seeks to transform the country into a modern, knowledge-based economy by 2030.  The fintech startups and super apps have the ability to make this vision a reality by providing the necessary tools and infrastructure to drive economic growth.

The likes of Fawry and Orange cash are providing the tools and services necessary to support this. For example, their mobile banking and payment solutions are allowing businesses and individuals to make and receive payments quickly and securely. This is helping to reduce cash transactions and costs, increase efficiency, and boost economic activity.

These fintechs also promote financial inclusion. Providing access to financial services to those who may not have had access before, with the potential to reduce poverty and inequality. This is essential for the success of Vision 2030, as it will ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to benefit from the economic growth that is being created.

Fawry and co are playing a critical role in supporting Egypt to achieve its Vision 2030. Their tools and infrastructure are necessary to support a digital economy.