Flat6Labs, SANAD Launch Agritech Accelerator Program for Egyptian Agritech Startups

Flat6Labs, SANAD Launch Agritech Accelerator Program for Egyptian Agritech Startups

Flat6labs, the Middle East and North Africa’s leading seed and early-stage venture capital firm, has partnered with SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy to launch an agritech accelerator program to help 10 to 12 startups improve their business models, product development, customer relationships, marketing plans, and financial management. This demonstrates Flat6Labs’ commitment to assisting emerging businesses in the agri-food, food security, and rural development sectors while highlighting the importance of Egypt’s agritech industry.

The agritech accelerator program will provide startups with capital to help them grow faster and more efficiently, while also encouraging the development of technologies that will make agriculture more sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly. These technologies improve agricultural service quality by facilitating data collection and analysis to quantify performance while limiting product/service overprice.

Explaining the objective of the program, Hassan Mansi, Flat6Labs Head of Ecosystem Development Programs said “With digital transformation progressing rapidly across industries, and the agriculture industry being a core pillar of the Egyptian economy, the need to digitize the agriculture industry has increased dramatically. We are glad to launch this agritech accelerator program in collaboration with the SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy. It will serve this need by supporting the startups that provide innovative technologies in the agriculture sector and contribute to the sustainable growth of the Egyptian economy.”

Kim Reichel, Chairperson of the SANAD Technical Assistance Facility Committee said ”We are very much looking forward to our cooperation with Flat6Labs as they have shown a strong commitment to supporting innovative and technology-driven entrepreneurs across MENA. Together, we will create a positive impact by providing targeted support and enabling business owners to thrive. We believe that focusing on the agricultural sector and specifically, agri-tech is vital in these challenging times and will contribute to increased food security across the region.”

Flat6Labs, SANAD’s Agritech Accelerator Program Deliverables

This program would result in advancements in automated machinery and robotics, increasing the efficiency of agricultural productions by precisely locating nutrient availability, checking for diseases, predicting them, and many other useful facilities.

Furthermore, Flat6Labs Egypt and SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy will continue providing funding, technical assistance, and networking opportunities to Egypt’s brightest, most passionate, and tech-driven entrepreneurs. The venture capital firm will also continue to be a cornerstone of Egypt’s digital transformation, creating successful job-creating startups that contribute to Egypt’s economic development.