Google Shortlist 60 African Tech Startups for its Black Founders Fund cohort II

Google Shortlist 60 African Tech Startups for its Black Founders Fund cohort II

Google has shortlisted 60 eligible black-founded startups across Africa for its second cohort of Google for Startups Black Founders Fund (BFF) for Africa. The participating startups will receive a total of $4 million in funding and support to help them to scale up their ongoing work.

Each of the selected startups will receive assistance in the form of a 6-month training program that includes access to a network of mentors to help them overcome challenges that are unique to them. They will also participate in customized workshops, support networks, and community-building activities.

Botswana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, and Uganda are among the countries represented among the 60 grantees.

The 60 grantees will also receive non-dilutive awards ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 and up to $200,000 in Google Cloud credit.

Fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, logistics, agritech, education, hospitality, and smart cities were among the industries chosen.

With over twenty-three grantees, Nigeria leads the list of startups chosen for the program. Kenya is second with twelve grantees. The rest are; Rwanda, with six grantees, South Africa, with five grantees, and Uganda four grantees. Cameroon and Ghana each have three selected grantees, Ethiopia has two selected grantees, while Botswana and Senegal each have one selected startup.

About the Black Founders Fund

Since its inception in April 2012, the Google for Startups program has raised over $290 million in funding and created over 4,600 new jobs. The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund program is an opportunity for African grantees to be exposed to  Google’s tools, connections, and best practices to level the playing field as they develop better goods and services that benefit the African economy.

Abimbola Adebakin, CEO of MyMedicines and alumnus of the 2021 BFF program, expressed optimism that the funding would improve and level the playing field for African startups to use in closing infrastructure and product delivery gaps in Africa.

Programs like the Black Founders Fund help improve the African ecosystem, which lacks funding and infrastructure. Google getting involved and throwing its weight behind thriving African entrepreneurs is a beautiful thing, and I am delighted that Google has extended the Black Founders Fund in Africa initiative until 2022.

Last year, twenty-six Nigerian tech startups received funding from Google’s Black Founders Fund, accounting for more than half of the total 50 participants.

CcHUB, Google’s implementation partner, will distribute funds for the Google for Startup Black Founders Fund.

Funding Black African founders drive generational and systemic change. The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund for Africa program reaffirms Google’s commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and startups in the region as a necessary step toward driving employment and growth on the continent.

The Shortlisted Startups for the Black Founders Fund


Awabah (Fintech), Clafiya (Healthtech), EdenLife, Estate Intel (Proptech), Flex Finance (Fintech), Gamr (Gaming), Haul247 (Logistics), Healthtracka (Healthtech), Hervest (Fintech), Kyshi (Fintech), LifeBank (HealthTech), Norebase, One Health (HealthTech), Pivo Africa (Fintech), QShop (e-Commerce), Scrapays (Clean Energy), Shiip (Logistics), Spleet (Fintech), Stears (Media), TerraWork (Gig Economy), Topset (Edtech), and Wella Health (HealthTech).


Ajua (Social commerce) Buupass (Logistics), DohYangu (Fintech), Flexpay (Fintech), Keep It Cool (Agritech), Leja (Fintech), Solutech (Marketing), Synnefa (Agritech), TIBU Health (Healthtech), TopUp Mama (Food logistics and fintech), Zanifu (Fintech),  and Zuri Health (HealthTech).


BAG (Edtech), Bailport (Blockchain), Exuus (Fintech), Kapsule (Healthtech), PesaChoice (Fintech), and Pindo (Communication).

South Africa

Agrikool  (Agritech), Creditais (Fintech), Mapha (Logistics), Rekisa (e-commerce), and Technovera (Healthtech).


ClinicPesa (Healthtech),  Easy Matatu (Logistics), Eversend (Fintech), and Xente (Fintech).


Built (Fintech), Kudigo (e-commerce), and Zuberi (Fintech).


Bee (mobility fintech), COVA (Insurtech), and Healthlane (Healthtech).


Garri (Logistics), and Zayride (Logistics).


Brastorne (Connectivity), and Cauri Money (Fintech).