IdentityPass To Donate N4 Million For Flood Victims Relief Fund

IdentityPass To Donate N4 Million For Flood Victims Relief Fund

Nigerian identity verification startup, IdentityPass, is set to donate a relief fund of N4 million to victims of the flood in Nigeria. The unfortunate event of the flood as a  disaster in some parts of Nigeria has left some citizens in unpalatable conditions.

In recent weeks, flooding hit some states in the country, whereas citizens in Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta, Edo, Lagos, Kano, Adamawa, Jigawa, Benue, and Borno states were noticeably affected by the incident. This disaster poses a great danger to the lives and property of the individuals affected.

IdentityPass in a statement it released  said “In light of recent flooding incidents in Nigeria, ldentityPass will contribute 4 million Naira to relief efforts to assist flood victims.”

IdentityPass is a solution provider to startups such as mobility, fintech, e-commerce, insurance, crypto platforms, HR management and the like. The company makes sure that brands are protected from identity crimes including identity theft. Via identity’s platform, startups can onboard their customers through a verified process.

IdentityPass processes thousands of verification calls daily for businesses in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa. With continuous expansion plans to other African countries, the company has built a team determined to keep developing more innovative ways to ensure that digital verifications are seamless, accessible, and secure.

While explaining its decision to come to the aid of the flood victims, the company revealed further in its statement.“In recent weeks, flooding has forced hundreds of thousands of families and individuals to flee their homes. As a result, many people are unable to feed themselves properly and are deprived of adequate sleep and living conditions. Our thoughts are with all of the victims.

Beyond assisting affected IdentityPass employees, we recognise that we are part of a larger community and that the least you can do is lend a helping hand. We are currently inviting registered humanitarian organisations that assist victims to apply for this relief assistance in the coming days. We have committed to providing one million nairas to each of these organisations right away.

A two-person team (our colleagues Anthony and Samuel) will immediately vet and distribute the funds to the organisations that applied. Given the urgency of the situation, we hope to complete this process within a week.”

To access aid as flood victims or organizations working in IDP camps for flood victims, applications can be made here.