Infusing AI Into "The" Egyptian LifeStyle

Infusing AI Into "The" Egyptian LifeStyle

The only way technology makes an actual difference is if it is infused into individuals’ lifestyles if people can relate to, obtain and use it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the technological tools that has been integrated into human day-to-day activities over the years.

The ability to be modified into different shapes and forms, be it as software or hardware has given AI an optimum relatability feature.

With Africa being the continent with the most developing country, it is quite fascinating to see that most of the counties across the continent are embracing AI. Major countries that have embraced AI across the continent include Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. The African AI industry is worth more than $ 66 million as of the current analysis. Of all these analyses, Egypt is the leading rank.

AI in Egypt

in 2019, Egypt as a nation warmly embraced AI, the nation’s governmental institutions in partnership with major academics from leading AI ventures in Egypt created the National Council for Artificial Intelligence. The establishment was formed for the maximization of AI across the nation. This was the nation as a whole playing its own role in embracing this multi-beneficial tool of technology.

The latest research shows that there are at least 68 AI-based startups across Egypt, they are all established to tackle various forms of challenges across the nation using AI.

According  to Egypt’s  National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (NAIS) “Many of these startups have grown into successful companies regionally and internationally, and most of them look at AI as a potential tool to … grow,”

As of 2019, it was AI was predicted to add a 7.7% growth to the GDP of the Nation by 2030. This is a development the nation is working on with various strategies in place already.

Yet the emphasis is still on how this technological tool is impacting the layman. If the numbers are growing on paper and in infrastructure but an average Egyptian cannot benefit from it, then the essence of technology is not achieved.

AI IN Education

One of the sectors that have significantly adopted AI across the world is the Educational sector. AI has provided various methods of intelligence that show enable easy access to learning especially in academics. Over the years there have been a few startups that have launched with the purpose of creating educational solutions with the use of AI technology.

Initiatives such as Sprint ai and Century Tech were launched in Egypt to provide Egyptians with easy access to education anywhere anytime.

Sprint was launched in 2019 as an AI-enabled platform that provides professional education courses. To push the initiative further, Cubit Ventures, Alexandria Angels and EdVentures made an investment of US $1 million was made into the startup.

Providing both educators and students with a learning tool, Century Tech has impacted the lives of the average Egyptian. Reviews reveal that 9 in 10 teachers give credit to Century tech’s contents, while students also consult the platform topic breakdowns.

Asides from the mentioned startups, Egypt is home to other AI-enabled educational startups.

AI in Health

Humans can decide to be apathetic about many things but not their health, especially as it concerns their comfort. AI has also been infused into health initiatives across the North African nation.

Although there are not enough governmental projects that have infused AI with health, some private organizations have been able to do a few in this aspect.

A women-focused hospital, Baheya Foundation Hospital,  partnered with a US-based healthcare system, GE HealthCare,  to provide an AI-enabled tool that can help detect early signs of breast cancer among Egyptian women.

AI in Agriculture

With agriculture being one of the most important means of income for Egypt, the nation has invested extensively in AI in the development of the sector. in the last 3 years, the Ministry of Agriculture has launched various initiatives to help the sector. Some of the initiatives include a mobile application based on AI that communicates in an indigenous language to provide an agricultural guide to farmers facing challenges on the farm. There is also an ongoing development to provide irrigation practices in agriculture with the use of AI, and another that helps with weather prediction.

All these initiatives are to work towards digital transformation in the agricultural sector, providing bountiful harvests and economic growth.

Egypt is obviously working towards making a digital transformation in within its communities, without restriction to or avoiding a particular tool of technology.

The nation hopes to achieve GDP growth by 2030, if achieved this will be of great impact on the average Egyptian, the Northern nation and the continent at large.