Ingame Sports, Egypt’s Gaming Startup, Secures $1M in a Pre-seed Round

Ingame Sports, Egypt’s Gaming Startup, Secures $1M in a Pre-seed Round

InGame Sports, an Egypt-based gaming and sports-tech startup announced that it has secured over $1 million in cash, in-kind resources, and grants in a pre-seed round led by Openner, a global VC that invests in early-stage tech startups with a unique combination of capital and technology.

Multiple international sports names, including Sports Radar, as well as other Egyptian and foreign angel investors, participated in the pre-seed round.

With an unprecedented rewards scheme and innovative gameplay, Ingame takes pride in being a first-of-its-kind gamified platform that provides avid football fans with an entertaining playing experience that upgrades their football-watching habit.

Mohab El Tawila, the Managing Partner of InGame Sports, explained the startup’s unique offering. “InGame aims to provide an innovative entertainment value to millions of football fans in the region; InGame is designed to empower and engage its users with unprecedented ways and experiences through new reward schemes. InGame targets its stronghold incorporation in multiple break-through interactive engagements that are exciting for football fans that have never been assembled in the gaming industry before.”

Also, the startup plans to expand beyond the Egyptian market and into other countries. In the future, InGame intends to launch add-ons based on web3 technology infrastructure and incorporate blockchain technology across its modules.

Additionally, InGame has rolled out a popular free-to-play football game in the area, with over 17,000 downloads during the first three weeks of the launch stage, with an average session length of 3 minutes and 16 seconds.

Theouut’s Take

According to Carry1st, there were 186 million gamers in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2021. This figure has steadily increased as igaming evolved from console to phone-based. Other factors contributing to the growth of the gaming industry include Africa’s young population and an increase in internet penetration.

Although the sector is largely untapped, it is very promising given the current positive trajectory, so investment in the sector is worthwhile.