Kwik Launches All Its Services in Ibadan With 60 Minutes Delivery Time Promise

Kwik Launches All Its Services in Ibadan With 60 Minutes Delivery Time Promise

One of Nigeria’s fastest-growing delivery platforms, Kwik, has just launched its platform in the nation’s third populated city, Ibadan. This information was announced today. The Kwik will be making its tools available for social vendors, Entrepreneurs, government bodies and merchants in the city.

Kwik launches while guaranteeing a delivery time of Sixty minutes within the town.

Launching with full vigour in the city, Kwik has identified one of the challenges it might face in the new market one of which is the hassle of getting moving packages around Ibadan. Yet Kiwik aims to dominate the logistics services in the town by fulfiling its customer’s order process by delivering the packages within 60 minutes.

According to Kwik’s founder and CEO, Romain Poirot-Lellig, to fulfil its plans to scale in Ibadan, Kwik wants to partner with about Five hundred vehicles in the city through its platform, the already a twelve months timeline for this by the company.

In Poirot-Lellig’s words “The Lagos-Ibadan corridor is fast becoming the most dynamic industrial and commercial hub of West Africa thanks to improving infrastructure, unparalleled market depth and attractive local government policies.”

The company is taking it upon itself to make sure packages in the city are delivered to designated locations effectively

KwikStore is Now Active in Ibadan

Asides from its delivery service, Kwik is also making sure its E-commerce feature, KwikStore, is available in the town.

The platform had recently created a free-to-use, storelike feature that allows its merchants to self-operate and manages sales and sales operations through Kwik’s platform.

Merchants in Ibadan can now set up their online store on the Kwik platform within Five minutes.

E-Commerce in Nigeria So Far

Regarding recent development, Kwik’s COO, Yinka Olayanju, stated “E-commerce activities in Nigeria have continued to grow steadily since 2015. More than 80% of Nigerians prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes and have these products delivered to their doorsteps.”

She further said, “With its isothermal bags, Kwik will ensure that all kinds of products arrive in mint condition.”

Kwik was launched in Nigeria back in 2019, currently, its platform serves various types of people, giving them an online platform for their businesses and helping merchants fulfil customers’ needs through its last-mile delivery.

With this development, Kwik is now available in four cities in Nigeria, which include Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, and Oyo state.