Liquid Cyber Security Launches Africa’s First Centre Against Cyberattacks

Liquid Cyber Security Launches Africa’s First Centre Against Cyberattacks

South Africa-based cyber security startup, Liquid, has announced the opening of matrix of Cyber Security Fusion centres aimed at managing the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks.

Liquid believes that the centres will provide access to threat intelligence and bring together the existing Liquid Cloud Operations and Liquid Network operation centres, ensuring full support across cyber security, cloud and networks for end-to-end security.

Additionally, the center will improve threat visibility, resulting in greater team cooperation and better cyber resilience. Enterprises will now be able to prevent cyberattacks thanks to the combination of the security advisory, managed service, and integrated cyber intelligence.

According to David Behr, CEO of Liquid Cloud and Cyber Security the Cyber Security Fusion Centres will enable ability to track and predict threats across the continent. He also noted that operations will be enhanced by the capability of international partners like Microsoft, ITC Secure, and Xcitium.

“Our Pan-African Cyber Security Fusion Centres will, when fully operational, leverage our ability to track and predict threats across the continent and will be enhanced by the capability of our international partners like Microsoft, ITC Secure and Xcitium.

“The alarming rate of cyberattacks led us to launch Liquid Cyber Security in 2020, and today we are elevating the offering for our customers by launching the first Fusion Centre. As a result, we will ensure our South African customers have access to world-leading cyber security services, enabling them to mitigate potential threats timeously.

“Most importantly, customers can focus on their critical business needs while we manage their cyber security requirements 24/7/365 with the most cost-efficient and effective approach,” said Behr.

About Liquid Cyber Security

Liquid Cyber Security is a business arm of Cassava Technologies—Africa’s first integrated technology company on a continental scale. The firm recently secured $50 million investment from C5 Capital, a specialist venture capital firm that invests in cyber security, space security, and energy security.

Cassava Technologies Secures $50m Strategic Investment from C5 Capital

With the help of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, businesses can examine their business risks with the using extensive advice and managed security services. Liquid helps businesses set up industry-leading protection services to make sure your staff are productive regardless of where they work. Additionally, it provides access to insights and control over the data that is most crucial to businesses.

A negative aspect of this quick digital transition is highlighted by the 230 million threats that South Africa experienced in 2021, according to an Interpol report. Through force or human error, malicious actors have additional options for attacking enterprises.

South African businesses will profit from new services that make use of Microsoft Sentinel and Defender, all of which are provided and monitored around-the-clock.

Specific Services

  • Security and Identity Management

To actively defend your company from risks and attacks, Liquid helps design cloud security strategy. It provides services that continuously monitor and manage users’ on-premises and cloud IT environments to protect users and your organization.

  • Advanced Threat Protection

To help contain security threats across your IT systems, Liquid Cyber Security integrates threat information feeds from international sources into a fully managed process that offers fast alerts and resolution.

  • Security Monitoring

To make sure systems are secure and to offer quick fixes, Liquid offers real-time monitoring and analysis of both cloud and on-premises IT environments around-the-clock.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) & Compliance Services

Liquid Cyber Security provides access to and control over the information kept in your cloud services, enhancing the security of your company.