Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Zambia Opens its First Office in Mkushi, Expanding its Operations to the Central Province

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Zambia Opens its First Office in Mkushi, Expanding its Operations to the Central Province

By opening its first office in Mkushi, the Zambian division of technology infrastructure and services company, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, is extending its reach into the Central Province of the nation. The Pan-African technology company has reaffirmed its commitment to promoting social mobility and economic development for people and businesses in Zambia by building this new branch there.

The company claims that the opening of the Mkushi office will introduce high-speed connectivity and a variety of innovative technology to the neighborhood.

Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia, commented on the opening of the new office by stating that Mkushi, an agricultural town well-known for its sizable commercial farms, deserved much-needed connectivity. Townsend additionally mentioned Liquid’s ongoing public-private partnerships (PPP) with the Zambian government to realize their vision of a Smart Zambia.

“We realised that this underserved community is key to ensuring that we take one more step towards creating a digitally connected future that leaves no Zambian behind. The proliferation of high-speed connectivity and digital services by Liquid will empower commercial farmers and others in this sector, ultimately increasing the viability for more foreign direct investment to the agriculture sector in Zambia.

“Liquid’s unique offering includes a combination of intelligent technologies that bring high-speed and reliable cross-border connectivity, cloud, cyber security, and digital services to its customers in every sector. Liquid has over 100 000 km of wholly owned fibre network across the continent, complemented by our VSAT network, which ensures that we can provide high-speed connectivity to the remotest parts of Zambia and the wider continent,” said Townsend.

More Business Growth for Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Just last week, Liquid Intelligent announced the completion of its 100% acquisition and delisting of Telrad, an Israeli technology company. Speaking on Telrad’s acquisition, Nic Rudnick, deputy chairman of Liquid Intelligent Technologies stated that the two businesses will work well together because they both have excellent experience in their respective fields. This will help them establish a global footprint.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Completes Acquisition of Telrad

The Pan-African technology startup is active in more than 20 countries, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa. With a vast fiber broadband network spanning more than 100,000 km, Liquid has firmly established itself as the top provider of Pan-African digital infrastructure.

In addition, Liquid Intelligent Technologies is making use of its digital network to offer Cloud and Cyber Security solutions through joint ventures with major international organizations. Across the continent, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a comprehensive set of technological solutions, offers SMEs and large corporations specialized digital solutions.