, Moroccan Decorative Paintings Startup, Adopts Augmented Reality, Moroccan Decorative Paintings Startup, Adopts Augmented Reality, a Moroccan decorative paintings startup has integrated augmented reality technologies into its customer experience strategy. This makes the startup the first Moroccan startup to invest in the field of augmented reality.

This state-of-the-art technology allows incredible levels of immersion and visualization related to decoration paintings. It is a business model that is 100% digitized and uses artificial intelligence

Thanks to the new artificial intelligence functionality in its e-commerce site, responds to a need that until now had not yet been addressed in the Moroccan market, allowing the customer to project what his salon looks like to make better choices.

The startup’s customers, with the help of their smartphones, can now virtually preview a painting, as well as select from the over 1,000 models exhibited on’s platform in 15,000 variants of sizes and colors. The user will therefore be able to see directly the rendering of the table.

Explaining the reasons for adopting AR in its decoration and painting business, Hassan Ounacer, Director and co-founder of said “Before opting for this new approach which is extremely innovative, we first based ourselves on the analysis of the behavior of more than 80,000 customers on the site. At the end of the analysis, we noticed that the consumers encountered difficulties in making their choices and hesitated in the choice of colors and dimensions adapted to his decoration. It is for this reason that we decided to use augmented reality technology.”

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Hassan Ounacer and Salaheddine Mimouni founded in 2017 to offer its customers a very wide choice of painting styles that are 100% made in Morocco at affordable prices. The startup leverages an artificial intelligence system that analyzes and predicts decoration trends and cultural characteristics of the Moroccan consumer. is a leading decorative paintings startup in the Kingdom of Morocco. It has a large fleet of latest generation equipment and a workshop that brings together 100% Moroccan artists and craftsmen.

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