Netflix Scholarship Applications Now Open for West and Central Africa

Netflix Scholarship Applications Now Open for West and Central Africa

Netflix has just announced that its scholarship fund is now accepting applications from students in West and Central Africa. The scholarship fund, Netflix Creative Scholarship Fund, now encourages students in Benin, Ghana Garborn, and Nigeria.

Netflix, an audio streaming platform, launched the global creative scholarship a year ago (2021) and has been programmed to be distributed to different initiatives in the next five years (5) with a determination to create a steady channel and community of creatives around the world.
The scholarship is worth one Million Dollars ($ 1 million) which will cater for tuition, study materials, housing, and the selected student’s living expenses during the course of the study.

With this announcement, the initiative is set to launch in the selected regions by the commencement of the 2022 academic year as the streaming company will go into partnership with Dalberg, a research agency, to help with fund administration in the implementation of the scholarship agreement between partner schools.

The Process:

The CESF will supply the chosen student with financial aid in the semblance of a full scholarship with a higher institution in Benin, Ghana Garborn, and Nigeria. This will assist aspiring creatives in Central and West African countries actualize their dream, by obtaining quality education and receiving tangible qualifications. Countires eligible for this opportunity include:


Burkina Faso,

Cape Verde,

Côte D’Ivoire,











Sierra Leone,


The scholarship will only be through Netflix partner institution, students must have obtained admission to study courses focused on Film and Tv study for the 2022 academic year. The partner institution include:

Intrested students can now apply till the closing date which is the

4th of September 2022 at 23:59 PM