Netflix Gets Deal To Promote Kenya's Wildlife For Global Attraction

Netflix Gets Deal To Promote Kenya's Wildlife For Global Attraction

In the spirit of tourism maximizing the use of technology to build constant developments, Netflix, a popular American streaming platform has partnered with Kenyan’s Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife to promote the country’s tourism sector, likewise establishing the growth of the sector.

The partnership which is meant to make Kenya one of the most desired travel destinations in the world was announced by the digital streaming platform. When Netflix made the announcement, it noted that the collaboration seeks to reveal Kenya’s opportunities and climate conservation activities.

Shola Sanni, Netflix’s Director of Public Policy, while making the statement said, “Kenya is one of Africa’s most beautiful destinations, with compelling cultures, diverse landscapes and natural beauty to rival any in the world. We’re excited to collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife to showcase Kenya to the world as a prime tourism destination.”

To achieve the purpose of the partnership, the use of digital marketing will be maximally embraced, while Netflix works earnestly with other governmental agencies in the nation, including, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and Kenya Tourism Board (KTB).

Dr Betty Radier, CEO of the Kenya Tourism Board, explained that his sector will be benefiting from Netflix’s experience and skillfulness in creating and promoting local content. This skill will come in handy to unravel the nation’s tourism potential to the world.

The timing of the partnership is coincidental with Kenya’s current efforts to constantly and significantly contribute to wildlife conservation.Netflix is not new to the Kenyan market. Recently the streaming platform made a free mobile plan available for Kenyans. This package gives Kenyans free access to limited shows, a package that is only available in Kenya and nowhere else.In the same vein, Netflix signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Kenyan Ministry of ICT, Innovation & Youth Affairs in May of 2022. This agreement enables both parties to provide and make efforts towards strengthening and developing the nation’s creative sector, likewise supporting the growth of storytellers of the next generation.