Kenyan Travel-Tech PEV Raises $1 million International Investment

Kenyan Travel-Tech PEV Raises $1 million International Investment

A Kenyan-based travel-tech startup, Purple Elephant Ventures,(PEV), has raised One million US dollars ($1 million) from international investors, to develop the startup, especially some of its activities in need of financial aid.

PEV is a tech-driven tourism outfit that is intentional about linking technology with climate action and tourism, creating a safe and more explorable society.

Canadian investment firm Klister Credit Corp and The Untours Foundation led the funding round.

Meanwhile the rounds also has the participation of Ian McCaig Rock, former CEO and board member at M-kopa, Fede Pirzio-Biroli, founder of Playfair Capital and Anthony Rock Impact Capital president. They all participated as Angel investors.

Not limited to the Angel investors alone, other individuals who made notable investments include Rich Hoops,Capital executive director, Jim Villanueva, managing director of Impact Global Partnerships Social Venture Fund, and Helena Riese Harstad, co-founder and chairperson of Optimizer Foundation.

While fielding questions by journalists, PEV explained that the investment will be directed towards the development of of four other tourism focused startups, especially those that has the same motive of using technology to help the climate.

Ben Peterson, PEV’s CEO, while making a statement said, “I think what’s exciting for the team is all of the possibilities to digitize tourism for a greener future. And one of the great advantages of working in a studio is that we get to play around with new innovative ideas all the time.”

While filling the public in about their motives and structures Peterson said, “We have what we call ideation sessions, where we have very structured conversations around examining the tourism industry from the perspective of building businesses that will help reduce the carbon footprint of Africa’s tourism industry.”

Ben Peterson, Jan Van der Does de Willebois, and Mikul Shah co-founded the startup in 2020.

Accroding to reports, there are four other startups thst PEV runs, which include, Nomad Travel, Elephant Bookings and Wavel, Nomad Africa, and Guide.