Nigeria’s Mobility Startup, Gokada, launches in Ibadan, plans to Resume Ride-Hailing and E-Commerce

Nigeria’s Mobility Startup, Gokada, launches in Ibadan, plans to Resume Ride-Hailing and E-Commerce

Nigeria-based last-mile delivery, logistics and transportation startup Gokada, has announced it launched in Ibadan following its consolidated growth in Lagos.

Gokada is a Lagos-based mobility startup founded in 2018 by Deji Oduntan, Fahim Saleh with the aim of revolutionizes the way people move around the cities.

Following the recent launch of its Super App and as part of its expansion strategy, Gokada has rolled out operations in Ibadan across its food delivery (GFood) and logistics services (GSend), with plans to resume ride-hailing (GRide) and e-commerce (GShop) later in the year.

The deliberate expansion into Ibadan is as result of the city’s close proximity to Nigeria’s most crucial commercial state- Lagos State.

For locals, the expansion will generate thousands of jobs and enable riders serve the thousands of businesses requiring access to a seamless last-mile logistics network in the city.

Gokada claims it has boarded more than 100 restaurants that can now offer delivery to their customers through the Gokada GFood menu in its Super App.

Once the Super App is successfully deployed in a second city, Gokada will begin planning for further hubs in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ogun.

Nikhil Goel, CEO of Gokada speaking on the launch in Ibadan said that the startup intends to keep rendering its ever-reliable services in both Lagos and Ibadan.

“Since launching just a few months ago, the Gokada Super App has connected thousands of customers and businesses in Lagos and we are excited to bring our unparalleled service to Ibadan.

“We want to continue catalyzing the transformation of Nigeria’s transport infrastructure through our ultra-reliable last-mile delivery solutions; and it is essential to have a solid foundation, particularly with our ever-improving technology, before deploying in a new location.

“We built the largest fleet of delivery riders in Lagos, and we want to do the same here in Ibadan, and offer so much more,” said Goel.

Gokada plans to build upon its current successes to expand across Africa’s business landscape using its reliable tech-enabled solutions.