Onilbox To Take Over Tanzania Fit-Tech

Onilbox To Take Over Tanzania Fit-Tech

OnilBox, a Tanzanian based startup, is set to become one of the largest fitness technology (FitTech) in the country. Being just over a year after going live, OnilBox has helped various users find comfortable or private fitness locations, therefore building a large fit-tech community in Tanzania.

Going live in 2021, OnilBox has since created a list of locations which includes gyms, general workout studios, private workout studios, community events  that can easily be booked though its app. Users are also provided with the access to track their workout  fitness and health progress.

Fitness businesses use the platform to fully transform their booking and user management system to go digital. They receive awareness trends and traffic to better understand the value of their services and how to push customised marketing campaigns based on the data trends provided.

With major dominance in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam, this fit-tech’s platform is being used by thousands of users within a period of one year. It has soon  become the largest fitness compilation platform in Tanzania, determined to go live in other African countries.

In an interview with Disrupt Africa, OnilBox founder, Natalino Mewenda, narrated that “The concept originated in the middle of COVID-19, from a garage CrossFit gym that users wanted to access as a means to escape crowds. Users would call to make bookings and as the calls kept increasing OnilBox built an app for users to book the space as opposed to calling. One space increased to four, gyms joined the network, and activities joined the network too, enabling OnilBox to offer the largest fitness experience in Tanzania and Zanzibar,”.

Accoding to him, the startup has built about four workout studios to encourage “behavioral change” in users, and to let them enjoy access to various fitness spaces which is offered through the app.

“We later converted these studios to smart gyms controlled by Internet of Things (IoT) to inspire other studios to join the network and convert their spaces to be powered by the OnilBox technology.” Natalino said.

OnilBox has made its services affordable as its users can pay-as-they-go, they can likewise access different locations near them for worthwhile workout activities.

The fit-tech has build a community of over a thousand users and receives about two thousand booking applications. An OnilBox  application user can view over fifty listings/locations.

Starting up, the founders had invested  the sum of about USD $40,000, to create smart gyms, behavioural change features. Without external investment, the startup plans to extend its community base and launch out in other African nations.

There are already moves to take the startup to Mauritius and Kenya, while seeing South Aferica and Rwanda as a target market.