South Africa’s FlexClub adds Motorcycle Subscriptions to its Offering

South Africa’s FlexClub adds Motorcycle Subscriptions to its Offering

South African global mobility startup FlexClub, has announced a partnership with the sole distributor of Bajaj Auto in South Africa to offer motorcycle subscriptions to individuals and businesses in South Africa.

Flex was launched in November 2018, FlexClub. The startup operates as a global vehicle subscription marketplace for users, simplifying investing in cars rented to people and using gig platforms to earn a living.

Flexclub essentially operates as an online marketplace that connects customers looking for flexible access to long-term cars with its partners, offering car subscriptions.

In 2019, FlexClub announced a partnership with Uber, offering commercial car subscriptions to the Uber community of drivers in South Africa and Mexico.

FlexClub raised US$5 million in equity and debt funding in March to help it scale and improve its technology which protects and limits partners’ exposure to risk.

Darren Venter, head of operations in South Africa at FlexClub speaking said that the fuel-efficient 125cc Bajaj CT motorcycles were a compelling and economical transport option for independent couriers who contract for food and goods delivery companies.

“These platforms typically have stringent requirements for their drivers’ vehicles, which have to pass regular safety assessments to ensure that they are fit for purpose, and given the solid reputation of the Bajaj motorcycles, combined with the technology powering the FlexClub marketplace, we can provide delivery drivers with simple access to high-quality vehicles for uninterrupted earnings,” Darren said.

The Bajaj CT motorcycles are already available for subscription on the FlexClub marketplace in Johannesburg, and will soon be made available to customers in Durban and Cape Town.