TikTok Kenya Set Up Initiative Against Hate Speech Ahead General Elections

TikTok Kenya Set Up Initiative Against Hate Speech Ahead General Elections

To curb hate speech and fake news ahead of the 2022 general election, TikTok has launched an “in-app guide” for its Kenyan community. The popular social media application made this known through a newsletter released to the public.

The company also hosted “in-market” projects to support its vision to help its community possess factual and credible information about the nation’s general election coming up on the 9th of August 2022.

According to the release, these efforts are part of the organization’s commitment to restricting misinformation and ensuring information is shared responsibly.

source: TikTok
source: TikTok

The statement mentioned that it had worked with many organizations and experts to help promote safe ways to use the app. It also reiterated that the company is making efforts and putting strategies in place that will, in the long run, shield from the harms and misuse of the platform.

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TikTok Africa team had recently met in Kenya, meeting with its Kenyan community for one week. The team met with media organizations, NGOs, corporate organizations, the government, educational institutions, and other role-players in the TikTok Kenyan community.

TikTok’s Senior Special adviser to the app stated, “We are engaging with diverse stakeholders in Kenya to discuss opportunities and challenges for dynamic solutions in a fast-paced digital world. Our resolve is to spread positive vibes in markets where we operate as we promote peaceful coexistence,”

Its recent initiative is part of the actions the brand is taking to make performance in the fight for peace evident.

TikTok has launched a three-part series of which is titled. #TIKTOKFORPEACE. In partnership with Article 19, this initiative will host a series of live TikTok sessions. The Policy initiative Center, Strathmore University, will host these live sessions where there will be discussions about key opinions, civil society, academia, and many more.

TikTok is certain that the measures put in place will help educate the people against hate speech and incitement ahead of the 2022 elections.