Togolese Mobility Startup, Gozem, Expands To Cameroon

Togolese Mobility Startup, Gozem, Expands To Cameroon

Africa-focused ride-hailing, logistics, and food delivery startup, Gozem, has announced it will be expanding to Cameroon.

Gozem was created by Emeka Ajene in 2018. The startup offers users a suite of services, including motorcycle-taxi transport to car-taxi transport, e-commerce to delivery & logistics services, to various financial services.

Gozem which recently announced the launch of its ‘Super App’ taxi booking service in Libreville, Gabon has now continued its African expansion in Cameroon -a continental expansion strategy that will soon take it to the Democratic Republic of the Congo after Togo, Benin, Gabon, and Cameroon.

CEO and founder of Gozem, Emeka Ajene, speaking on the expansion said that the teams are set to drive the startup’s goal in Cameroon.

“Cameroon is in full swing, as I can confirm. It’ll be a week, if not a few days before you know it. The teams are all set and ready to go. The goal is to build a fantastic software that brings together a variety of services on a single interface, including goods and people transportation, e-commerce, and financial technology,” said Emeka.

With over 500,000 users, Gozem plans to expand the number of users of its platform by providing various financial, transportation, and e-commerce services and increasing its footprint in Central Africa.