Nigeria's Treepz Receives $1.2M to Take its Tech Mobility Services to Kenya

Nigeria's Treepz Receives $1.2M to Take its Tech Mobility Services to Kenya

Treepz, a Nigerian mobility tech startup, has announced its expansion into Kenya, making it the startup’s fourth country in which it operates. The expansion into East Africa comes just over a year after launching in Ghana and Uganda. With the launch of Treepz Kenya, the firm aims to provide excellent mobility services to Africans, including vehicle rental services for businesses and personal transportation. The expansion into Kenya follows investments in Treepz from leading investors, including GIIG Africa Fund, MoAngels, Roselake VC, Unpopular VC, Goodwater Capital, and BKR Capital.

The mobility tech startup has a strong focus on vehicle rental services or “Business Treepz,” which has led to high-profile partnerships with reputable firms such as Twiga Foods, Abacus Schools, OAK House School, and Diamond Trust Bank, among others. These partnerships demonstrate the growing demand for Treepz’s innovative solutions, particularly with vehicle rental services for businesses. The firm is confident that this trend will continue as it expands its reach.

Additionally, the launch of Treepz Kenya in Nairobi and Mombasa is under the leadership of its new Country Manager, Samar Patel who brings 18 years of sales, transportation, and technology experience to the role, having most recently held a similar position with SWVL Kenya. The team at Treepz is excited about Patel’s leadership, and they expect Treepz Kenya to continue to grow and innovate in the region.

The recent funding from GIIG Africa Fund comes after Treepz was named the Africa Winner in the ‘IndustrialTech’ category at the 2022 African Startup Awards, the largest independent startup ecosystem competition on the continent. The award recognizes Treepz’s commitment to Sustainable Development Goal-aligned solutions. The startup’s long list of investment partners includes Techstars, Google, Orbit Startups, LoftyInc, Niche Capital, ODBA, Microtraction, Crossfund, Uncovered Funds, and Jedar Capital, among others.

What Mobility Tech Startup’s Stakeholders are Saying

Onyeka Akumah, Co-Founder and CEO of Treepz in his remark said “We are thrilled by the addition of Samar to our team and the launch of Treepz Kenya in Nairobi today. This was made possible with the support we received from our current investors amid a turbulent 2022. Also, after winning the GSA African Award in Cape Town last year, we received funding from its funding arm – GIIG Africa Fund and that was also very timely for us. Today, our efforts are focused on building a centralized solution across the 4 countries we operate in and providing Africans with excellent mobility services, for their personal and business needs. We hope this will be the experience Kenyans will enjoy with our service and remember, as we build a world-class mobility business for Africans and the rest of the world.”

Expressing optimism about the future of the mobility sector in Africa, Jo Griffiths, Co-Founder of GIIG Africa said “You’ve also got to factor in transnational developments such as the African Continental Free Trade Area. These policies will result in a significant increase in the movement of people, goods, and services – and as such – there’s going to be an even greater demand in the coming years for mobility solutions built for the African context. As investors, we’re excited to be working with the team behind Treepz because we see mobility tech as a key enabling factor for Africa’s socio-economic growth.”

Mobility tech startups have attracted significant attention from investors in recent years, with the vertical accounting for about $195 million (or 4%) of total funding for African startups in 2022, according to a Partech  report. This figure is expected to grow as demand for transportation increases amid Africa’s booming population growth and rising rates of urbanization.

What this Expansion Means for Kenyan Tech Space

The expansion of Treepz into Kenya is not only beneficial to the startup but also to the Kenyan tech ecosystem. With Treepz’s innovative solutions and partnerships with reputable firms, the firm is expected to provide Kenyans with excellent mobility services. As the company expands its reach, it will create job opportunities and boost the Kenyan economy.

The expansion is also significant to the Kenyan tech ecosystem as it attracts more investors into the sector. Investors are increasingly interested in the African tech ecosystem, with many recognizing the region’s potential for growth. The recent funding from GIIG Africa Fund into the mobility tech startup demonstrates this growing interest.

The Kenyan government has been working to promote the country’s tech ecosystem by creating a favorable environment for startups. The government’s efforts include providing tax incentives for startups, supporting incubation programs, and investing in research and development. The expansion of Treepz into Kenya is a testament to the Kenyan government’s efforts to promote the country’s tech ecosystem.

Treepz’s expansion into Kenya is equally significant not only for the startup but also for the Kenyan tech ecosystem. With the company’s innovative solutions and partnerships with reputable firms, Treepz is expected to provide Kenyans with excellent mobility services. The expansion also creates job opportunities and boosts the Kenyan economy. Additionally, the expansion attracts more investors into the Kenyan tech ecosystem, demonstrating the region’s potential for growth as it continues to give the regional leader,  West Africa a run for its money.