Vodacom rolls out 5G services in Mozambique

Vodacom rolls out 5G services in Mozambique

The internet service is better when it is faster. With the roll-out of the 5G network across the globe, most African countries have taken the initiative to improve their digital services. Mozambique has now become part of these countries through Vodacom’s 5G launch.

The multinational company, Vodacom, has upgraded the internet service for Mozambicans in the year that it celebrates its 20th anniversary. Although the 5G service is only available at selected sites in Maputo, Matola; Nampula’s center neighborhood, Nacala’s downtown, Munhava, Maquinino, and Chipanga areas, Beira and Tete.

So far, Vodacom’s 5G service is hovering over southern Africa. After its launch in South Africa and Tanzania, it has decided to bring Mozambique into the fold.

Vodacom 5G inclusion

With the new technology, Vodacom hopes to provide innovative technology and improve network and fiber availability. With this initiative, there are chances of expanding network coverage to new rural areas and transforming Vodacom’s network architecture.

In a LinkedIn post from yesterday, Dejan Kastelic, the chief technical officer of the Vodacom Group, expressed his congratulations to the Vodacom Mozambique team.

“The provision of 5G services in Mozambique is expected to introduce exciting opportunities for technological innovation, business solutions, as well as the expansion of IoT use cases. 5G connectivity brings wider network coverage, reliable network connections, and faster data transfer,” – Dejan said.

Vodacom, which has operations in seven African nations, declares that it is thrilled to provide communities with exceptional network access. It hopes to bring people and companies closer to the global digital economy.

What this means for Mozambique

The internet has offered services that either make us happy by satisfying personal or public demands. The rollout of 5G in Mozambique will promote the business performance of growing start-ups in the country that adopts it. This can improve the customer experience, internet connectivity, and service delivery.

Additionally, by providing flexible working arrangements (FWA) for homes, small businesses, and schools, 5G services will open up new revenue opportunities. This goes for both the consumer and enterprise markets in the country.

With the services of the 5G network, people will be able to link more quickly and effectively than ever before. The mobile broadband range that is both increased and faster will significantly improve Mozambicans’ lives.