Wellness Startup, Strove, Closes Major Funding Round

Wellness Startup, Strove, Closes Major Funding Round

Following the completion of its most recent funding round, which was overseen by the Japanese venture capital firm Lifetime Ventures, African Healthtech startup, Strove, is poised to revolutionize employee wellbeing globally. Strove helps workers with their physical and mental wellbeing and is on a mission to make workplaces into healthy environments. As the team works to further the development of their holistic health platform, the recent funding will help to accelerate software development.

Strove CEO Chris Bruchhausen is optimistic about the latest capital raise despite the current difficulties in the finance market.

“We are excited to have closed our funding round in a challenging funding environment. This raise allows us to further develop our product and service offering as we strive towards our mission of improving the holistic wellbeing of employees around the world.”

The development roadmap for Strove is jam-packed with interesting developments. Richer material, courses in cognitive behavior therapy, and an in-app coaching function are just a few of the significant improvements the Healthtech start-up plans to make to its mental health offering. Other enhancements include expanding the number of activity tracking integrations, adding a recommendation engine to better tailor wellbeing advice, and routinely improving usability.

Strove had raised $270k in a seed funding round led by venture capital firm, Launch Africa in July last year. Following the funding round, Strove had planned to expand into the United Kingdom. It began onboarding partners to create a rewards ecosystem for UK business employees.

Lifetime Ventures is the ideal fit to collaborate with Strove on their objective because of their strong focus on health and age tech, including the future of employment. The ambitious business owners who apply for funding from the Japanese venture capital firm receive it in order to build successful enterprises.

“Covid has highlighted deteriorating employee wellbeing and a strong need for holistic wellbeing programmes,” says Koshu Kunii, general partner of Lifetime Ventures.

“We see a global corporate future where most companies provide group-based employee wellbeing programs as part of holistic employee benefits to support employees from the prevention phase. With strong C-level and execution to date, we know Strove will be a leading player in this market.”

Future potential for collaboration are made interesting by Lifetime Ventures’ strategic partnership with Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), Asia’s premier center for scientific research.